Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today is a big writing day, so since I don't have a post put together, I thought that I would just share a link that I love (be careful, it's addicting).

I followed a link at this blog, and found a delightful place to write stories with my kids. It's such a cool idea. You pick an artist, use their artwork, and add words to create your own story. And you can invite Uncle in Hawaii, Aunt in Seattle, Great-Grandparents in Chicago, and Grammy (wherever in the US she might be) to add a page. Instead of clamoring to hear a story at bedtime, my kids are asking to write one! Check Storybird out.


  1. Pretty cool. I kind of want to write a story on it myself.

  2. When I started making too many suggestions with my kids (no-- why don't you do it this way...) I realized that I needed to do one myself. It's fun.