Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Buy-a-Book Club

I generally feel a bit guilty. I get most of my books from the library. It's just not in the budget to buy a book every time I need a new one to read. And I usually go through a few books a week. The library is wonderful--I can order books from my house, and then pick them up when they come in. When I return them in a few weeks, I'm not adding to the clutter to my house. But, there are a few problems with this:

1. I'm not supporting other writers.
2. Books are never clutter at my house.
3. I love to support Indie bookstores.

So, I have a plan, and I'd like to invite you along. Once, every month, I will buy a book--a brand new book. I'll let you know what it is, and review it here. I invite you to do the same. And, if you're looking for other ways to help authors, check out this post. In my dream world, I would buy a book every day and have a library like Neil Gaiman. But, for now, once a month sounds do-able.

To kick off my book buying, I am going to Newtonville Books on Saturday to see Kate Messner, the author of The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z. And I'll buy her book. What book will you buy?


  1. I, too, reserve all my books online through the library, and I feel guilty about it as only a writer can. To assuage my guilt, I keep a list of my favorites--books I really enjoyed and plan to buy "one day, when I have the money."

    Your plan sounds much better, as "one day" may never come!

  2. Robyn--I am trying to "live deliberately" (thanks, Thoreau) and feel that a part of taking myself seriously as a writer is to support (in a small way) the other writers out there. But I think that everyone really has to decide for themselves what that means.

    I am also trying to take guilt out of my life. For me, guilt is the indication that my beliefs and actions are out of sync.

  3. Robyn--I also like your list idea. I'm sure that "one day" is closer than you think.

  4. Libraries keep the publishing industry going and buy a lot of books. Don't sell yourself short on that score.

    I recently bought the 4th book in Sherwood Smith's Inda series and am trying to find time to read that. I've got a backlog of at least 20 books that I've purchased and haven't cracked open since. And those are just the more recent ones.

  5. Go you! 20 new books--that's like Christmas to me.

    I love medieval fantasy-- but haven't picked up the Inda books. They must be good if you are reading the fourth one.

    Any other recommendations from your pile of 2o?

  6. Awesome post! I love to support other authors too. I like to do book give aways on my blog. That way I'm paying for the book I read and then someone else gets to read it w/o having to pay for it.

    I can't buy every book, but at least it's my little contribution. I'll be doint another give-away this week.

    Great post!

    Christy (via verla kay)

  7. Christy-- I love book give-aways. I think that's a great idea. I'm coming over to your blog to check it out.

    Since I'm writing MG, I think a lot of the book buys will be MG books, and will probably end up giving away the books to my own children, or their school.

  8. Medieval fantasy recommendations? There are a lot of older ones I love - like Katherine Kurtz' Deryni series (though she left some things hanging forever), Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series (some good, some ok, some great), Anne MacCaffrey's Pern series (that her son has taken over), Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series (that someone else has taken over), Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan series, David Weber's Honor Harrington series. (Some of these seriously strain the medieval description)

    On the younger front: I love Tamora Pierce's Tortall series, Sherwood Smith's Crown Duel books.

    Of course, I'm assuming you've already read things like The Crystal Cave series and Mists of Avalon.

    Newer books I've bought are still waiting to be read - unfortunately.

    The Inda series was a hard start for me - three different names for each character, two different languages and all the world building? Oy!!! I'm really glad I hung in there with it. It's such a rich, lush fantasy.

  9. The only two that I'm familiar with are the Pern and Deryni series-- which I love--those books got me through my teen years. I'm interested in checking out the others.

  10. I started the year with that exact and noble goal, but I must confess I've slacked a bit of late (although my goal specified that the books be bought from an indie; I'm in Borders a couple of times a month, using their amazing coupons).

    But tonight I'm going to Vroman's to get BEWITCHING SEASON so I can read it before I meet Marissa Doyle at her signing in NYC next month! So I'm back on track!

  11. That's great. I too have been buying from Indies. It just seems like the thing to do. (Although definitely more expensive.) Have fun at the book signing!