Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Feature: Sundae Edition

Think you have the best recipe for an actual sundae? Enter here!
So, I've decided that each step towards a great writing career is like building a good sundae recipe:

1. Start with a great dish = you, the author
2. Add a couple of scoops of cookies 'n cream ice cream = your awesome novel
(although my hubby would probably recommend starting with a scoop of hot fudge, then the ice cream)
3. Throw on a generous dollop of hot fudge sauce, heated to just the right temperature = the right agent
4. Add a scoop of fresh whipped cream = the book deal
5. Sprinkle on some crushed snickers candy = your book selling in actual book stores
6. Place a cherry on top = whatever extra you dream of--movie deal, etc.

The spoon = all the writing friends and supports who have helped you along the way.

Two of our Friday Feature interviewees just added HOT FUDGE to their writing sundaes:

Carolina Valdez Miller signed with Vickie Motter of Andrea Hurst Literary Management. Carol blogs about it here!! Read her Friday Feature interview here.  Carol--I am sooooo excited for you!! On to the whipped cream!

AND Kristine C. Asselin signed with (what are the chances?!) Vickie Motter of Andrea Hurst Literary Management. Vickie must be one lucky gal to scoop up both of these talented writers!! Kris blogs about getting her agent here. Read Kris' Friday Feature interview here. And she is nice enough to post the evolution of her query letter.  Yay, Kris--I'm absolutely thrilled for you!! Pretty soon you'll be adding that cherry on top!

So, make sure to stop by these fabulous writers' blogs, and say congrats!!

How do you build your sundae??


  1. Hi, Heather. I've neglected this place for too long. :-)

  2. So happy for those two. And I know what are the chances they both end up with Vickie so near the same time! Yay to deserving writers and bloggers!

  3. Congrats, ladies!

    I'm hoping to add some whipped cream to my sundae this year. ;)

  4. Tracey--So nice to see you! I haven't been truly blogging--just putting up posts, and trying to get around to a few blogs a day, so I've neglected you and many more. So shameful!! Can't wait to catch up with what you've been up to on your blog!!

    Tina--These writers are so deserving, I agree! YAY.

    Tere--I'll keep my fingers crossed! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  5. Oops, Tracy, in my haste I re-invented your name. :) There is no spell check for that. Apologies!!

  6. Thank you Heather! I feel very lucky to have signed with Vickie, AND to be mentioned in the same breath with Carol. They are both FABULOUS!

  7. Good analogy! Only I think I'd like my agent to be caramel sauce instead. :)

  8. It's awesome news. So excited for Kristine and Carolina.

  9. Me too. I'm on hot fudge
    Allyn Johnston at Beach Lane Books sent me an email saying they want my picture book "Log on Log" and outlining terms. I said YES. Now I need an agent for my adult novel.

  10. Kris--It's just all so awesome!!

    Tracey--Yum. Caramel sauce!!

    Natalie--Me too!!

    Pen and Ink--OH, my! Very exciting! You're building a few sundaes at once! I hope you spoon from one success to another--and I hope to hear about an agent soon!!

  11. Much congrats to these ladies...and the sundae looks delish. If you made that, Heather, I'm moving to your house.

  12. Ahhh! Thank you so much, Heather! What a great mention! I'm so excited and still a bit overwhelmed. But, wow, the work ahead. It's nerve-wracking but exhilarating. I'm so happy, too, to be agent-mates with Kristine! What a great person. So happy for her.

    Love the sundae analogy, by the way. Suits me perfectly. The only thing I love more than a sundae is a second sundae.

    Again, thank you, Heather!

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