Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Meeting: Sophie's Choice

Okay, I'm being a little melodramatic--maybe the choice wasn't exactly on par with Sophie's.

But, there I was at the bookstore Saturday night, picking up a copy of RULES (Cynthia Lord) to use in my Sunday School class the next day. And there THEY stood before me. Two sequels that I had been drooling over. Both in hardcover. I don't buy a ton of books--I would love to, but, you know, the library is more in my budget. At most I would choose one. But which one?
SAPPHIQUE, the sequel to INCARCERON, Catherine Fisher
THE SCORCH TRIALS, the sequel to THE MAZE RUNNER, James Dashner

Which one would you choose? Which do you think I chose? What sequels are you drooling over?

My only writing goal this week is to write forward in both my revision and my draft. One's MG, one's dark and twisty YA. Last week I spent time orienting myself back into the projects. I still have a lot of other things on my plate, and am writing in the in betweens. Sometime soon I hope to have more time. How is your writing week shaping up? I hope you are all flying forward!!


  1. I loved Sapphique so I would pick that one. I did enjoy The Scorch Trials too. I can't wait for the Melissa Marr and Maggie Stiefvatter sequels.

    I'm hoping to define my characters a bit better this week before I tackle a voice revision in the next few weeks.

  2. I would've chosen Sapphique because most libraries would carry The Scorch Trials. Are you sure your doesn't? Actually, I bet our library will soon have Saphique too.

    Sequels? Hmm. I'm looking forward to the next Stephanie Perkins books, more of a companion novel though.

  3. I haven't read Sapphique but I did love Incarceron. Still, I've read The Scorch Trials and liked it so I'll go with that.

    Like Laura, I can't wait for Lola and the Boy Next Door from Stephanie Perkins, even though it's not technically a sequel.

  4. I haven't read The Maze Runner yet. But I did love Incarceron AND its sequel, Saphique. I think Saphique was actually better than the first one!

    A sequel I'm itching for is Everfound (the third book in the Skinjacker trilogy by Neal Shusterman).

  5. I loved Sapphique. I say go for that. But I am looking forward to The Scorch Trials. But I wasn't in quite the same hurry to read it. I just think Catherine Fisher has beautiful writing. I picked up one of her earlier books and it is so different. So interesting!

  6. Haha, I am the worst at making these kinds of decisions. Best of luck!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  7. ooooo tough choice...

    I'd choose The Scorch Trials, since I haven't read it yet and I HAVE read Sapphique.

    I bet you chose... Sapphique! (eh, it's a 50/50 guess, right?)

    I can't wait for Supernaturally (following Paranormalcy)--also, The Fox Ineritance (following The Adoration of Gemma Fox)

  8. Hmmm... I think you chose Sapphique because it's pictured 1st :) Either way, you've picked a book I've got on my wishlist!

  9. I vote for Dashner. He's a cool dude and that book will knock your socks off.

  10. I'd probably go with the Scorch Trials!

    Is it hard to go back and forth between your MG and YA? Or does having them be so different make it fairly simple to do?

  11. Natalie--I had to look up Melissa Marr. She sounds cool!! And a voice revision--that sounds heavy. Good luck. One vote Sapphique!

    Laura--I haven't checked the library yet--we can get most books through our vast interlibrary loan. But I couldn't leave the bookstore without one of those in my hands... I think those Stephanie Perkins book looks so cute. Thanks for the suggestion. Her first one is going on my library list now...

    Tracey--One vote for TST. And the Stephanie Perkins book!!

    Rebecca--Oh, the skinjacker trilogy looks intriguing! Definitely looking for that one.

    So, three votes Sapphique, one for Scorch Trials so far.

    Tina--It is beautiful writing. Which earlier book? *Getting out TO READ notebook* Another vote Sapphique.

    Hi Sarah! It was a tough decision. But I was happy to splurge on a new book!

    Sara--Sounds like you're waiting on great books! And, you're right. I did choose Sapphique. But it might have gone the other way on a different day. :)

    Jemi--That's funny. And I did. :)

    J--I can't wait to read it--and I bet it will knock my socks off! Loved the first one.

    Carol--I'm glad Scorch Trials is getting some late votes. I find that I write according to mood--when I'm feeling dark and full of monsters, I write the YA. It's harder for me to get into the MG, because I'm worried about a particular aspect. I need to solve a problem that I think is in the ms, and haven't figured it out yet. So, time away is good, while my brain works on it. But I still would like to take a stab at it this week. Revision is so different from drafting!

  12. I completely loved Scorch Trials. Action and adventure! It's my hubby's all time favourite book. I haven't read Sapphique so thanks for bringing it to my attention!