Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coworker Face Time: The Practice Room

Right through this door, everyone!
A year ago, I was writing through the winter doldrums. Well, more accurately, I wasn't writing. That was the problem. I was just stuck inside the doldrums. Enter Tina Laurel Lee. She and I had met through another blog, and struck up a friendship. And when I wrote a blog post commiserating about how little writing I was accomplishing, she asked if there was anything she could do to help. (She's so sweet!) And what she proposed was the essence of the Practice Room.

We decided to meet each morning in gchat, after I had written for an hour (and before she wrote, due to the time difference). I knew that if I didn't write, I'd have to explain to Tina exactly why (she cracks a big whip). And that was motivating enough. Accountability works.

It's so much more fun to write when I have a writing partner to talk to about the pitfalls and accomplishments.

Before long, Tina had created a whole blog site (she's brilliant too!) devoted to writers who write for an hour ("unplugged") and then stop by and chat. The Practice Room. No secrets are revealed--you can say as much and as little as you want about your writing. It's a come as you are, casual Friday kind of atmosphere. And it's lovely. It always gets me out of my doldrums, no matter what time of year. And everyone is always welcome. I'll always be indebted to my friend, my coworker, Tina for creating a wonderful avenue for face time!! Thanks, T!

Do you have a face time experience at The Practice Room? Do you have a coworker that you nudge when you have a writing issue? Who cracks the whip at you when you need it?

And, consider this your invitation to lurk (and join in!) at TPR if you haven't already. Tina would love to have you over!


  1. Hardcore TPR supporter, here!! I'd be lost without you guys!!!

  2. I'm very intrigued! I knew TPR existed but had never checked it out. I will now.

  3. The practice room and I thank you, HK!!! Not only for the post but because we are here because of you!!!! You are such a constant supporter (and you too, Marisa)! It has been the best year of my writing life. Writing together is so much better than writing alone!

    And everyone is welcome. There is a link over there at TPR about what it is like to come for the first time. Check it out if you're nervous. TPR folks are so nice and inclusive. You will see.

    MG - I have to say that my times leave a little to be desired for the west coast. Spring Break. Next week will be better. I do take suggestions!

  4. That is so cool! I'm off to check it out right now :)

  5. aaaaand I'm back. Really, that blog is SUCH a good idea! I'm revising right now, instead of writing. But when I'm back on a first draft I'll definitely be visiting again!

  6. I've never heard of it. I shall pop on over. My motivation is my fellow Pen and Inkers. I cannot comfortably show up at our bi-weekly meeting without pages.

  7. This is such a great idea. You guys totally rock for coming up with this helpful way to find community. I'm never on time though, but one day, I will be joining you!

  8. Marisa--the feeling is absofruitly mutual. :)

    Oooh, do stop by MG--what fun we'd have!!

    Tina--you might have come up with the idea because I was such a slouch as a writer at the time, but we are not at the practice room because of me--it's all you baby!!

    I agree, writing together is sooo much better than writing alone!

    Sara--come by anyway--I'm revising now too. Hour by hour by hour....

    Pen and Ink--Sounds like you are wired up to accountability with your biweekly pages. What a great way to get the writing rolling.

    Terry--Many days I'm late. Tina doesn't crack the whip that hard. :)