Monday, October 21, 2013

Don't Piss Off the Universe

I think that all my advice can be boiled down to that one sentence.

Let's say it together.

Don't piss off the Universe.

The Universe is like my 7-and-11/12ths-year old daughter, Cowgirl.

The Universe loves kittens, as well as other things.

It expects you to read its mind and know just what to do.

It rewards you with the greatest stuff when you are completely open and hold nothing back.

It reacts best to kindness.

And, girl, oh girl, does it hold a grudge.

Don't Piss Off the Universe.

I've been thinking a lot about my brand as a writer and about who I am in the writing world. I try to be someone who treats others like we are all in this together. Because WE ARE.

On my good days, I want to be completely open to the Universe. Not in some incense-burning, kumbayah-singing perfection-wielding way, but in a confident, I've-done-the-hard-work, I'm-helping-my-fellow-writer, let's-get-to-the-next-weigh-station-together way.

On my bad days, I just strive to not piss off the Universe.

The karma version of Do No Harm.  

I just came back from the James River Writers Conference, and girl, oh girl, those folks certainly know how to make you feel like you're in it together, y'all. I get buoyed up for months by the sense of camaraderie I feel there. *waving to Erica and Donna (eh?) and Jon and Joe and Lisa and Vernon and Katrina, and well, everyone!*

And I am so thankful to have welcomed in the 40th member of the Writers' Loft in Sherborn--you guys rock, and never, ever piss off the universe. Thanks for making my risk this year anything but!

So, do you feel open to the opportunities in front of you? What happened the last time you pissed off the Universe?  Have any good news to share?