Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TED Talk Tuesday: Frank Warren and Half Million Secrets

Writing at its best is the revelation of secrets. The deepest connections I've had with books were moments when I recognized something that I didn't realize about myself, and there it was, in words, in a book, written by someone I don't know.

Here is Frank Warren, with whom strangers trust their deepest secrets.

I think they are in good hands, don't you?

Some of these secrets gave me chills. Some made me laugh. But, in each secret I think about the people, the stories, the raw truth behind them.

I dare you to go to postsecret.com and not be enthralled. :)

Would you send him a postcard?

Do you save voicemails? I have one of my grandfather, who died this year.


  1. I find many of the secrets people share make me feel sad -- sad that these people appear to be fearful of or are missing out on life because of what their secrets. There are few things in life that would so cripple the amazing journey life is.

  2. Some of the secrets are totally sad. Hopefully when they write (and send) their postcard they feel some release. I find it fascinating.