Thursday, September 18, 2014

TED talk Thursday: John Green's The Paper Town Academy

Oops, the blog post title led you to believe that this blog post would be all about John Green's awesome TED talk about how community learning is alive and better than ever because of online communities like youtube? (You didn't think youtube was a learning community? Better skip down right to the TED talk.)

And this post is. It is about how John Green is so wonderfully meta and smart and *gets* how to inspire people and understands that what we put into the world changes the world.

But it's also about THIS ARTICLE on writerly envy, subject: John Green. (See how it all ties in?)

And I don't want to judge or shame anyone. Everyone is allowed their Feelings. And writing is such a tough industry--rejections all around, all the time. So, by all means, have the envious Feelings. But also know that there are ways to not wade into and get swallowed up by those Feelings.

With this perspective, our mental state would be so much healthier:

Courtesy of

I think that video stands for itself. Without further distraction, here is John Green's fantastic and eclectic TED talk on paper towns:


I love how Aslo became something, just because people believed it already *was* something. :) Just makes you want to write, right?

Have you struggled with looking into someone else's bowl? Have you ever joined in the online learning classroom? I know it helps my research as a writer--what did writers do before the internet?!


  1. I live in IN, about forty mins from Indianapolis, and I would love to see John out and about one day. It's on my bucket list! ;)

  2. Leandra--love that. I think he's been in our area a few times, but I missed the events somehow. And I think seeing awesome authors just out doing their every day stuff is actually more interesting than seeing them at a book event. I support your fangirl stalkery. :)