Thursday, June 14, 2012

Minding the Gap

There is this gap between our expectations and reality. Sometimes it is just a crack in the sidewalk, other times, the grand canyon. I know that I need to mourn the gap. Mourn the difference between how I want things (in writing) to be, and how they are.

There is a Quote by Neil Gaiman. 

If you have had a Serious Writing Conversation with me, I have probably attempted to tell you about it. Neil says: 

Well, you never achieve everything you wanted to. It's the simple act of writing. You begin with a platonic ideal that is a shivering tower carved out of pure diamond, that is this pure thing that stands there unfouled by gravity and the weather. And then, the thing that you build is this thing that you have to build out of whatever is at hand and you use empty sushi boxes and chairs and get friends to hold it up and try to make it look like it's standing. And at the end of it, people look at it and they say, "It's amazing." And you say, "Yes, but if only I could have done the thing that is in my head."

I am acutely aware of how awesome my writing and ideas are--in my head. The fact that there is a huge discrepancy between how they are inside, rolling about my head, and how they are outside, in black and white, causes me some angst. 

Some very intelligent writers recently have been telling me that it is okay to feel this way. 

But this gap is painful.

And sometimes it is hard to get over.

Sometimes the gap is wide because our skill hasn't caught up with our potential.

Sometimes the gap is wide because we imagine the universe.

Sometimes the gap is wide because we want to hurry up and be done.

No matter why the gap is there, we must mind it. 

And that is hard.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Jumping Into the Shark Tank or, All Those Most Important Things

It has been a little while since I posted a blog post. Sometimes that means that I am writing. Sometimes that means that life has gotten too hectic, in unexpected ways. This time it was the latter.

In the past few weeks my family has had some very big lows, accompanied by some very big highs.

The good news is that everyone is on the road to recovery, and that modern medicine is truly miraculous.

When life altering events occur, they always makes me take a look at what is important. Cliche, but there it is.

What I realized is that I have some amazing people in my life. A supportive network. But it goes beyond that.

I have people in my life who will not permit me to fail.

Even when I try very hard.


If you do not have people like that, go find them. Those people are out there for you. Do not settle for less.

Because in this business, all water slides lead to the shark tank. Would we want it any other way? What would success mean to us if it were easy?

Yup, that's Cowgirl and my dear husband in a tube in a shark tank. Did I mention we went to the Bahamas to see my sister get married?

What would you do today, if you knew you couldn't fail? Not just based on your own merit, but because you had the most beautiful, intelligent, funny, kind people holding you up.

Find someone like this guy. He would not let you fail. :)

What would you do?

I apologize for not being around to be supportive for YOU recently. I hope you know that if you need anything you can ask!