Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TED Talk Tuesday: Janet Echelman with Taking Imagination Seriously

As writers we take inspiration from everywhere.

Today's TED talk is about how a happy misfortune changed the life of an artist. I dare you to not be inspired by Janet's fluid sculptures.

Here's the description:
Janet Echelman found her true voice as an artist when her paints went missing -- which forced her to look to an unorthodox new art material. Now she makes billowing, flowing, building-sized sculpture with a surprisingly geeky edge. A transporting 10 minutes of pure creativity.
For me, this TED talk is a beautifully visual representation of taking the creative process from novice to master. Check it out:

Can't view the talk on the blog? Here's the link.

Do you see your creative journey taking a road similar to hers? Have you found that obstacles moved you in certain directions that you would not have originally gone? Have there been any happy mistakes in your career? What do you see in Janet's sculptures? Are you inspired yet?


  1. I saw this a couple months ago and it blew me away! What an amazing woman to do all that research and improvise based on a seed of an idea. I love her art. So beautiful!!

  2. I agree, Lynn! I love how when she didn't know how to do something, she got experts who did know. And people who would create the software for her to figure out how to make a sculpture. Amazing. I am looking those experts! :)