Thursday, September 27, 2012

There is Time For Everything

Time sometimes twists me up in knots. I am revisiting a revision I thought would be complete months ago. But life got in the way.

Life often does. Isn't it beautiful that way?

Tomorrow, September 28th, I am using my time to help someone else. This someone:

Natalie's story is here.

I am doing a write-a-thon to help Jayden and his family.

This is the best use of my time yet.

Please consider joining me tomorrow, or buying a book. You can sign up to do the write-a-thon, or donate outright. Or you can sponsor me in my write-a-thon. (Feel free to leave a pledge in the comments--you can do it per word (ex.: .10/word) and also give a capped price.)

And, if you are local, let's write together tomorrow!


  1. I hope the write-a-thon goes great for you, Heather!

    Jayden's feeling a bit sad at the moment. He's had a series of chest infections and pneumonias over the past few months, and yet, he's STILL determinedly playing with his toys, chasing the cat (although he hasn't a hope of catching her right now--for which she's extremely grateful), and reading his favorite books.

    I'll read him a pile of books tomorrow in your honor. We'll have a little Jayden read-a-thon :)

  2. Wen--thanks so much for the update! I'm keeping Jayden in my thoughts and hopefully those thoughts will produce many words tomorrow! I'm really excited about it. :)

  3. Hope the Write-A-Thon goes well. I know what you mean about time and commitments sometimes getting in the way of writing.