Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Meeting: Purgatory and Other Things

The acoustic, bookstore session of The Cave, the most recent addition to one of my novel soundtracks. Consider it this blog post's soundtrack:

Resolution 2011:
So, February was a complete wash for me writing-wise. I was lucky it was such a short month. I've donated my dollar a day that I don't write to Room to Read, and I'm excited to be supporting them! I'm so thrilled that I don't feel particularly bad for not being able to write each day. But February was also an exception when real life took over my writing life. On to writing!!

New Middle Grade Blog:
Come check out Anita's most recent venture. Anita is one of the most succinct, smart, down to earth bloggers, and I, for one, can't wait to read more from her on her new MG blog. And I can't wait to read her book!!

Revision Purgatory:
All you who have spent time on this blog, know that I have been revising a MG novel FOREVER (okay, like a year or two). I have written 2 and a half other YA drafts of novels in the meantime. But I've been struggling with some flaws that I see in my MG. I'm not ready to give up on it, but I have decided to rewrite (not revise) the parts that I've been struggling with. I just think starting fresh is the way to go. I feel as though if I know what the flaws are, then I should continue revising. I'm not ready to give up. But I am ready to pull it out of purgatory. I apologize to all who are waiting to see this work. You'll have to wait longer. :)

Friday Feature:
I hope you all stop by on Friday for a peek at a super cute new MG e-book. It seems like e-publishing is a hot trend right now. Margaret Golla (remember her fantastic interview last year? We had a party in the comments that day--let's have another one--she'll stop by to answer questions!!) has published her book, TO GNOME ME IS TO LOVE ME. Come ask her whatever you ever wanted to know about launching an e-book!!
So, tell me how your week is shaping up? Have you ever been in purgatory with a book? What do you do when you see the flaws? What are your writing intentions this week?

Oh, and check out the AMAZING GOATS on Anna's blog today! Thanks, Anna for the inspiration!


  1. Revision purgatory sounds a lot like hell...

    I am your guardian angel.

  2. I think the rewriting sounds brilliant. I'm guessing it will free you up tons and now you know this book so well! (and after my experience with revision, I suspect it takes less time to totally rewrite. someday I will be as brave as you.)

  3. WAIT LONGER!? *pouts*

    But good for you for working through your doubts until you figure it out! I like to think of my WIP as a prize rose bush - some of the blossoms are open and bright and beautiful, but others need to be picked away because they just aren't perfect enough. Then you have the buds - just have to be patient and nurturing as you wait for them to open!

    Good luck to you!

  4. Good luck with the rewrite!! I hope you discover some cool things.

    I'm hoping for a couple of solid writing days this week to finish a revision.

  5. Thanks for mentioning my new blog and the soon-to-be-epublished book (hoping to upload it to Smashwords today and have it available in a week or so). I'm looking forward to reading your book whenever it's's got to feel right to you!

  6. February was a wash for me too. Keep plugging away at the revisions and you'll get it. I'm going to do another round too. I'll either start this week or next.

    The interview sounds great. I'll be back. And thanks for the heads up about Anita's blog.

  7. Yep, I'm in writing pergatory with a middle grade that I completely tore apart and am trying to repair. Frustrating, but I think it's worth rewriting rather than tossing or starting from scratch. These decisions can be hard to make.

  8. I am all too familiar with revision purgatory.

  9. J--For sure!

    T--I don't know if it's brave, but it's definitely something.

    M--I love the rose bush analogy--beautiful.

    Paul--I'm sure I'm going to learn some cool things. And I hope one day to say I am *finished* with this revision!!

    Anita--I'm excited for your book! And I agree, this one has to feel right for me to move forward...

    Natalie--I'm hoping this will be the last pass of revisions on this book, although a rewrite of some major parts will definitely uncover some other areas to revise. Good luck on your revision round!

    MG--Sounds like we're in the same boat! It is a hard decision--but I'm going to stick with it for the time being.

    mshatch-- :)

  10. hey, thanks for the new mg blog tip! It doesn't matter how long it takes for revisions, just that you keep at it! Well done.

  11. Thanks for linking to those crazy goats! Ah yes, revision purgatory. I think many of us know it well. I think you're right that sometimes rewriting instead of revising can help get the project to where it needs to go. Good luck!

  12. Terry--I agree, although sometimes it feels like an awful long time. But one of the reasons that it's taking so long is that it just isn't ready yet to be queried. And that is knowledge I'm glad I have. It'll take as long as it takes.

    Anna--Thanks for the vote of confidence!! And for the awesome goats!