Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Meeting

Ah, the beginning of a new week. I had a wonderful meeting with my critique partner, and I am still trying things out for my first chapter. It's worth it to get this one right. Once I do, the rest of the revisions will be, for a while, smooth sailing. I'm trying to tell myself that this will just take as long as it takes.

I just have to give one more big shout-out to my writing partner, R. Even when the critique is a tough one, I always leave our meetings fired up about my novel. He is a magician.

So, let me know what your goals are. I would love to live vicariously through someone who is actually hitting big word counts, or making tons of progress, while I sit and figure this first chapter out.


  1. Awesome, I need me a critique partner like that! :-)

    My goals for the week are: 1) Write as much as possible on current WIP (a not-THAT-short story), 2) Keep editing my 2005 nano novel, and 3) Keep brainstorming for the ending of this year's nano novel and (hopefully) figure it out!

    Phew. Good luck with your revisions!!

  2. Joanna-- sounds like a busy writing week. How much prep work do you do for nano? Good luck getting lots of writing done!

  3. Heather, yeah it SHOULD be busy... if I can get my butt in gear!!

    Now that I think about it, I DO do (haha, doodoo) quite a lot of prep work for nano... I'm currently outlining (via the Snowflake Method, which is absolutely the bestest way to outline I've ever heard of:, but have been stalled for a while because I'm at the point where I need to know what my ending is before I go any further.

    After being an outline skeptic for much of my writing life, I've found that Snowflaking allows me to churn out 100k in November, so I'm pretty much hooked for good. :-)

    Good luck again!!

  4. Huh. I never outline, but I might have to check out this snowflake thingy.

    My goals for this week? Write 1 poem, and edit 10 chapters.

  5. Sarah-- those goals amaze me. I can't wait to read your poem, and hear about your edits. Ten chapters. Double digits! Go you!

    I checked out the snowflake thing a couple weeks ago, and I might try it out if I do nano.

  6. my goal - finish agent line edits and get to sub! :) thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Shelli--Line edits sound do-able-- good luck!