Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am frequently amazed at the human ability to adapt. The ability to accept as normal a situation which, if it had been described a week, a month, a year ago, would have been hard to imagine, let alone imagine as normal.

Adaptation is not evolution. It can be. But if it makes you accept a situation that should not be accepted, then it becomes harmful. So, I say REJECT NORMALCY. Reject it. Compare the life you have to the life you want, and BURN the difference. You know who you are. Reject reacting. ACT. Reject what other people might think. There is room for only one opinion in your head--yours. Eject all those other people who have come to reside there.

Reject the doubters (no risk equals no gain).
Reject the homophobic opinion (write with abandon).
Reject the people who are always right (without the consideration of others).
Reject the emotional jail that imprisons the spouse (and family).
Reject the immature man (and all the chaos he creates).
Reject that life has to become normal.



  1. Isn't Alfred E. Neuman's slogan: Why be normal?

  2. That just flashed me back to my childhood. But, I thought his slogan was "What, Me Worry?" It's been such a long time since I've seen a Mad Magazine. Too long...

  3. wow.. nice. don't forget about the acceptance that needs to be done, too.

  4. I think that in order to be healthy, we need to see alternate futures and imagine different things for us when life gets tough. And I'm not saying to reject reality, but if we can picture a different future, then we can strive for it. I think we accept far too many limitations, so we have to be careful what we accept.

  5. I love that Alfred E Neuman slogan -- funny that I don't remember it; it would have helped me a lot as a kid, and I loved Mad Magazine.

    For me, rejecting normalcy is pretty much making a virtue out of a necessity. I spent most of my young life feeling wistful that I wasn't a bit like anyone else. Now I just feel so proud. And I'm proud to say my kids are just like me!

  6. Mary-- I wish that I could make my kids know (not just teach them) that it is great to be different from everyone else. It sounds like you have accomplished this. How wonderful that they have such a great mom!