Friday, September 25, 2009

Skippyjon Jones'n

Boy, do I live in a bookish place. Yesterday we went to our second book reading in six days. We went to see Judy Schachner read her new Skippyjon Jones picture book, Lost in Spice. What a fabulous book! The reading was put on by the Wellesley Booksmith, and was held at the Wellesley Library, since they thought that Skippyjon would draw a crowd. And they were right. A ton of kids showed up, books in tow.

Judy did a great job. She had jokes for the adults in the audience, and read Lost in Spice for the kids. If you can pick up a copy with the audio, it is fantastic. (Hardcovers come with a "free" CD). There was a bit of down time during the book signing (it started late) and my kids did get into some mischief-- but nothing major. Superman spun a book carousel superfast, and all the books tumbled out. The librarian was amazing, and was more concerned with helping Superman find a suitable book than with the mess he was making.

I highly recommend Lost in Spice-- especially with the audio. It is full of action, laughs and cool alliteration. I don't do it justice when I read it to my kids, so I turn it over to Judy on the CD. She does a sweet southern drawl for the mommy cat, and a lyrical Spanish voice for Skippyjon Jones, a cat who thinks he's a chihuahua. In Lost in Space, Skippyjon Jones jettisons into space, finds his chihuahua friends, and rescues his sock monkey from martians. He's crazy and wonderful. Even my nine year old wants to hear Skippyjon Jones' latest escapade. And for the adults--there is a reference to 'Major Tom', and (I think) an homage to a Les Mis song on the audio. You'll have to check it out, and let me know.


  1. How awesome you got to hear Judy read her book! Fun pic! My younger two love Skippyjon Jones..will have to check out the newest one!

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! I love the masks. :-)

  3. Kelly--I hadn't even heard of Skippyjon Jones before we picked up the book and CD to get ready for the book signing--and I don't know how I missed out on the phenomenon. It's a crazy, wonderful series. (My nine- year-old was in the know, though)

    Joanna--it was fun. I thought of taking pictures of all the kids in masks at the reading, but I am hesitant enough about putting my own kid's pictures on the blog, let alone other people's kids. The sea of kids wearing Skippyjon Jones masks was super cute, though.