Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Meeting

Okay, so I got some things done last week, but not really enough to talk about. My excuses include that it was my son's first days in kindergarten, which made my daughter (and I) go through superman withdrawal, and that it was labor day weekend.

So, now that my kids are getting into the rhythm of school, I'll be getting into the rhythm of writing. And jumping back into my revisions.

That is my goal: to finish the first half of revisions of my ms, and start the second half.

(Okay, everyone just ignore that this has been my goal for the last two weeks.) Sometimes life gets in the way of the writing. But my characters are getting a little antsy. They don't like wallowing in cut up scenes and chapters.

Does anyone have any fresh (or not so fresh) goals?


  1. Setting new goals sounds like a great idea. Have to work that up and get back to you.

  2. I want to have two proposals done by the end of September.

    I love goal setting. :-)

  3. Sarah-- cool.

    Erica-- That's a good goal. Does that mean that you work on the novels simultaneously, or do you do two proposals, and one gets picked to go forward?

    I love goal setting too--it's a blank slate at the start of a week.

  4. Have a critique retreat this coming weekend, so...

    I have one thing that I'm reading ready, it's the second ms that I need to take another look at. So my goal for today is to go over the first 2 chapters and do a 'final' revision then print it out and let it go (for this week anyway).

    I want to finish Garlic revisions this month. I'm so ready to be done with this one.

    I'm also putting out there that I will write one poem a week this month. Got one done and posted today.

  5. There is a lot of strength that comes through your writing-- when I read your poem, it puts me right there inside the words. Powerful.

    I'm ready to be done with my revisions, too. Good luck with the revisions, and poems.