Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Meeting

Monday, again! Today, I'm prepared for it.

I have a very specific list of writerly to dos for this week, and I will spare you the details. However, the last bullet point on my list is:

Put the first half to bed.

Yup-- I am hoping to finish the first half of revisions this week.
Surprising, I know. I have been mired in revisions for the first chapter for weeeeeks. But I've figured things out (with the help of my critique partner, yay R!) and I'm moving forward.

I have to report that I had a minor heart attack yesterday when I couldn't get any of my Word documents to open up on my computer. I back stuff up, and also send revisions to myself in e-mails, but still--it felt horrible.
Back up. Back up. Back up.

So, friends (writerly and otherwise) do you have goals for the week?


  1. Same as last week: Figure out an ending to the damn story.

  2. Goals? I live by goals. This week -- find awesome blogs -- sell 20 books -- find the time to blog -- finish that one book that is so close -- edit the other book that is sitting there on only the second draft -- start the new book idea that craves to come out but lacks the time -- and comment on this awesome blog. At least one is done!

  3. Paul--those lingering goals wear me down, but sometimes it just takes as long as it takes.

    Alex--I wish I had your ability to multi task. One of my big motivations for getting through revisions on this novel is to get to that idea that has been simmering on the backburner for such a long time. It's calling to me.

  4. Last week's goals morphed - I did write a poem and I did edit 2 chapters (not 10), but I also wrote 2 new chapters which weren't in the original plan. I think I'll try last week's goals again - 1 new poem, edit 10 chapters.

  5. You're in the same editing boat that I'm in--expand and contract. It sounds like a lot of progress to me!