Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tour de Writing Standings, Week 3

The Tour de Writing is going on strong, with ten impressive competitors this year! There is still time for newcomers to come play, before the August 12th finish line. It's all about wordcount, and community writing.

So, here is how everything is shaking out:


Jonathon Arntson
 is ahead with a grand total of 15,840 points. How does it feel to wear yellow, this year, Jon? Can anyone unseat J?

 Tina Laurel Lee is blazing forward, and looking great in that polka-dotted jersey, with 12,535 points (and I am missing last week's count (week 3) from Tina, so she might even be further ahead.)

   Marisa Hopkins is coming up fast behind Tina with 9,112 revising points. However, I am missing TWO weeks of word counts for Marisa, so who knows where she really is!!


Kristine Asselin sprinted into the lead with 8,660 drafting points. She looks awesome in her green jersey!


Anita is in second place in the category of drafting, with 1,400 points. (However, I'm missing both weeks 2 and 3 wordcounts for Anita. She might be breathing down Kris' neck!)

    Kelly is coming up strong with 615 drafting points. (Kelly, I'm missing week's 3 wordcount for you, as well.)

   Fida I is writing strong at 186 points. (Fida, I'm missing week's 2 and 3 wordcounts for you too.)

Revising and Drafting

We have a newcomer to the category of revising and drafting, and she is wearing white!

   LynNerd! Lynn is out front with a crazy 10,557 points. Woo-hoo Lynn! You wear white well!

   Taffy is writing strong at 5,574 points. 

   I'm pulling up the rear with 2,801 revising and drafting points. But, watch out, Taffy and Lynn--I've already done a #tourdewriting twitter challenge this week, and a Practice Room. I'm coming for that white jersey!

Nice job, everyone. If you have been remiss in sending me your 2nd or 3rd week's tallies, please email me at hegkelly at gmail dot com. (Also email me if your total is incorrect!)

You only have this week, and next week to unseat a front runner, so write hard, and get me those tallies each Friday. Remember, there are PRIZES to be had!! 

In other Tour de Writing news, Tina is hosting a special google+ video chat at 2 today in lieu of a Practice Room chat. So exciting to embark on a new era of party writing! Email Tina (tina dot laurel at gmail dot com) if you want to come. It's open to all (as always)!

Congrats to all those jersey winners! Maybe one week, I'll finally nab one. :)  


  1. Oh my gosh, I have gotten so behind while at the same time, doing SO well, because I finished editing my book, and have since edited TWO more chapters - lots and lots of work. okay. So should I add everything up, or just what I've done this week?

  2. Um yeah, I think reading your post a little more carefully certainly helps in gathering answers... :D I'll tally up my revision words now!

  3. M--Definitely make sure to tally up both weeks words and points for TPR and twitter. Let me know what each of those weeks were, and email me! :) You'll jump ahead in the next week's standings. Watch out, J. M's coming back for the yellow jersey!!

  4. I hear Marisa is kicking my ass behind the scenes. Is that playing fair? Either way, she better check her gears!

  5. Since life has been so crazy, I've only started on Saturday. Do I email you now or later?

  6. Oh ho, Jon. You better check YOURS because I am coming back and coming back strong (well, as soon as I'm done watching clever stop-motion videos)

  7. Alicia--Saturday counts in this week's word count. I'll ask for this week's word counts on this Friday, here, on the blog. Let me know then! YAY, and welcome to the tour!

    J and M--That's the kind of trash talk that I like to see. Woo-hoo!

  8. Wow! you are missing last week. Which was miniscule, so that might be okay. But glad to see I am still in the running! Love my jersey. I will wear it proudly at our next hangout.

    Disturbing thing is, my camera light is still on. Hmmm...

    You are awesome to do this.

  9. Wow, I can't believe I'm in the running now. Woo hoo! So cool. I love this contest, and I really enjoyed The Practice Room on Google+ Hangout. Very cool meeting everyone that joined in. I'm looking forward to doing it again next week.

  10. Oh my word, what a fabulous idea!! I love it. Wish I'd known about it. I need to pull my head out of the sand sometimes...

    Congrats to everyone. I think you're all winners.

  11. The race is on! What fun you guys are.

  12. Amazing how fast those word counts rack up when you're not watching. Can't believe I'm in the race at all! This week is tough--company all week, but I did a bit on Monday and Tuesday morning and have a few more words in me today, I think.

    Congrats to everyone getting work done!