Friday, August 5, 2011

Tour de Writing Check in, Week 4

Before I put out the call for wordcounts this week, for the big Tour challenge, I just want to take a moment out to spotlight a friend of mine, Tina Laurel Lee.

I talk about building community on-line, and then I tweet or throw up a blog post, or play a silly game. But Tina is out there, seriously doing it. She created The Practice Room, a blog open to all, designed for writers to pledge to unplug for an hour, and then come back in real time and chat. Actually talk with a group of writers about...writing.

Last Wednesday, Tina organized for the Practice Roomers to all get together and video chat, oh, and write. It was amazing--I got to meet people that I had been chatting with for months. Tina--thanks for the wonderful community that you are building! I encourage everyone to check out The Practice Room--there will be further google+ video get-togethers, and other crazy wonderful stuff happening soon. And, as always, everyone is invited--no--encouraged to come. And if you need some hand holding, just email me (hegkelly at gmail dot com). I'm always happy to help.

Thanks Tina, for creating places for us to hang out, learn about craft, and build our friendships. Your contribution to writerly community has been invaluable!!!

It's never to late to join in!

Now, on to the Tour de Writing. With only one more week to go, every word counts. So count carefully.  In today's post, please tell me:

1. Your word count for the week.
2. How many TPRs you attended last week (including the epic video chat!)
3. How many twitter challenges you competed in, hashtag, #tourdewriting
4. Whether you are revising, drafting, or both.

Phew! One more week to go. I'm off to figure out my own tally. Where did those post-its get to?


  1. Wow a video chat sounds like so much fun. My writing has been totally erratic recently, but I'll try to swing by the practice room soon. And if I need any hand-holding, I'll let you know. :-)

  2. Cool Anna! The video chat was awesome. I think the best thing about Tina's Practice Room is that you can get out of it what you need.

    If you need encouragement, or advice, or to vent, or to feel less alone about writing. Or just the commitment to write, unplugged, for an hour. Critique relationships have come out of the friendships there, as well. It's fun and rewarding.

  3. I think week four has been my best week:

    1. I wrote 1,450 words!
    2. 0
    3. 0
    4. I'm drafting!

  4. Thanks, HK! The video chat was really fun. I'm committed to trying different things at TPR this fall and experiment. So it would be a good time for people to jump in and join the fun (although I will be gone in August :( , I will miss TPR terribly). TPR is all about the people who come to work. We welcome anyone and everyone (as many as our technology allows, our google= hangout was nearly full - CRAZY!). I really appreciate your support, Heather. You are part of why it is so great.

    Must come back with my last two weeks counts etc. Ugh, this will be so hard because of my poor recording skills and my need for breaks the last few weeks. But I will try.

  5. I've heard of The Practice Room, but I think I'm too shy to get into it.

  6. Hey there. With company this week I'm proud of my word count. Of course I also was on vacation--i.e., off from work. Back to work next week and my counts may dip. I'm over 14K now on the WIP!

    1. 2698 new words
    2. 0 :( loser here.
    3. 2, I think.
    4. drafting

  7. I agree that Tina rocks. It was great hanging out in TPR on Google+. We'll miss Tina during August. But, yay, Heather, you're going to step in and take over for Tina, so you rock, too!

    Here's what I got for the week:

    One writing challenge on Twitter
    One time in The Practice Room (Loved it!)
    Drafted 2,453 words
    Revised 3,400 words

    Have a great weekend!

  8. So I finally started this week. I got 19,855.

  9. Fida--Awesome!

    Tina--Definitely try to figure out the wordcount if you can--I know you're leaving soon for vacation, and I'd love to see you in the running for a prize. And, thanks for all the brilliance!

    Matt--I'd be happy to hold your hand. :) Most times it's just a chat, not a video chat.

    Kris--You wordcount is awesome! And thanks for the kind words on your blog. Wonderful that this is motivating for you.

    Lynn--Wow, great wordcounts. And it was so GREAT to see you in TPR!!

    Alicia--HOLY COW. Awesome start!!

  10. 1.3587

    Sad I missed the video chat. I've been out of town off and on all week.