Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Award Ceremony: Tour de Writing

Welcome all, to the culmination of five weeks of writing! Let me start by saying that I count any and all writing done during the summer to be a huge achievement. I feel a little cheesy for congratulating people for showing up, but if I've learned anything about writing, it's that you have to show up. You have to put pen to paper, and keep continuity between yesterday's ideas and today's.

Thus, we play, the TOUR. :)

Thank you all for being such great sports, while I conducted this thing through two vacations, and many distractions. I hope that I can get things together so that next year will run more smoothly! Thank you all for being here, for writing, and for supporting each other through The Practice Room and Twitter. This community is amazing.

Drumroll please...

The GRAND WINNER of the entire race is...  Robert--who revised his ENTIRE NOVEL--a whopping 47,000 words--during the Tour. Amazing progress! You get to wear that yellow jersey all year long, Robert! Woo-hoo! Everyone give Robert some love!

In the category of Drafting,  Alicia wins with 36,231 points! Way to go, Alicia! Wear that Green sprinting Jersey with pride!

Other awesome drafters:

Kris, with 21,495 points.
Jon, with 20,290 points.
 Kelly, with 3,655 points.
 Fida I, with 3635 points.

In the category of Revising,  Marisa wins with 27,729 points! Awesome job, Marisa. That's a ton of revising! Wear that Queen of the Mountain, Polka Dot Jersey well!

Tina also revised a ton, with 20,735 points.

In the category of Both, Revising and Drafting,  Lynn scored the White Jersey, with an amazing 34,941 points. Way to take, and hold, the lead, Lynn!

Other great revising and drafting competitors:

 Taffy, with 23,169 points.
 Me, with 11,642 points.
 Anita, with 10,250 points.

What a great race this year! Congratulations to everyone for getting words in this summer. If you won your category, make sure to email me your PRIZE preference!


  1. Congrats everyone! Please let me know if your totals seem super off. I want to make sure I didn't make any huge mistakes!

  2. Whoo-hoo! Thanks for doing this Heather, I got so much more done knowing I wasn't alone! Still have loads to do...

  3. Wow! Everyone had some awesome wordcounts!

  4. Congrats to everyone! Great job! I hope to join next year. Robert, watch out! ;)

  5. Thanks for being a delightful host, Heather! Congrats to all the jersey winners! I applaud you! It's hard to write so much in the summer!! Way to GO!

  6. This is such a great idea. I'm oh' so sad I missed it. Congratulations to the winners, what wonderful progress everyone made.

  7. Awesome! So much writing accomplished! What a great tour.
    Thanks, Heather!

  8. Darn it, Blogger. It deleted my comment! I'll try again.

    Thank you for hosting the Tour, Heather. I don't know how you pulled this off with vacations and all the activities you were in the middle of.

    I'm so glad I participated because it really did motivate me, and I learned about writing challenges/parties on Twitter, The Practice Room, and Google+ chats! And I'm thrilled to be a winner. I never dreamed that would happen when I joined.

    Congratulations to all the winners, and kudos to all the participants. I'm looking forward to the Tour de Writing next summer, too.

  9. WOOOOO! And I TOTALLY love polka dots!!

    Congrats winners, and THANK YOU Heather for a super awesome challenge, once again!

  10. I just want to add that I'm so amazed I squeaked out a win over Jon. He was ahead the whole time, but those last few challenges and time in the practice room pushed me past him at the critical moment. Not that I'm dancing or anything...

  11. Kris--congrats on the win over J. :) And I'm so glad to hear that you found the Tour helpful this summer--that's the biggest prize for me.

    Alicia--I know, the word counts were huge! And, congrats on your win!

    Natasha--I hope you do join in next year! So much fun!

    Kelly--You're welcome--thanks for participating! I know it's hard in the summer!

    Angela--I'm so glad you found us! I added a page at the top of my blog so it's easier to understand what's going on here. I hope you play next summer!

  12. Taffy--You bested me this year. Next year, look out! Thanks for all the motivation!

    Sarah--YOU are awesome! Thanks for stopping by!

    Lynn--To tell you the truth, I wasn't going to do it this year--it was a really close call. I dragged myself kicking and screaming into the first posts and tallies. Just because I was going to be away on vacation for half of the challenge, and didn't know how I'd get it all done. But I am so glad it worked out. And, I'm so glad you got such great things out of it. Thanks for being such an awesome friend and competitor!

    Marisa--you look awesome in Polka dots! :) You're very welcome.

  13. So cool that everyone made progress - it inspires me to keep on trekking!

    Congrats to the winners and you'd better watch it next year.

  14. J--Woo-hoo! Although, I think I might need a break before next year. Phew. :)

  15. What a productive group of people! Congrats, everyone!

  16. Woo-hoo, us! I am so taking that jersey next year. :)

  17. Anna--I love to see the awesome word counts at the end! I hope Camp NaNo is treating you well!

    Anita--You so are! :)

  18. Congrats all you hard working writers. I didn't play along this year, and am therefore all the more impressed with your mad writing power.

  19. Kate--I'm giggling at "mad writing power". Does that make me a mad scientist? I've always wanted to be one of those. Mwhahaha.