Friday, August 12, 2011


It's finally here--the final day of the Tour de Writing!

Write hard today, and then stop by BEFORE MIDNIGHT and

I'll post the WINNERS on Monday. Don't forget about the PRIZES! Can you believe it's almost over? Will I see you at WriteOnCon next week? I hope so!

And, I would love to hear your thoughts about the Tour in the comments--what worked? What didn't? Was it helpful? Was it too confusing to understand? Too convoluted? What did you like about it?

***We are adding an Impromptu Practice Room session at noon (est). Come join us for the last TPR of the Tour!


  1. I think it's a great way to inspire those who can participate to really be productive. It works well for those drafting rather than revising.

    And yes, you'll see me at WriteOnCon, though I do have to work.

  2. Just come upon this today. Guess I'm a little behind.


    I am afraid I may have lost my Jerseys all together, but I am hoping to rally by midnight.

  4. Natalie--can't wait to see you at WriteOnCon! Should be awesome! And, I do find that it is productive, for both revising and drafting more words! I hope next year you can join in!

    Angela--I would normally say that it is never to late to join in. But, yeah. Today it might be too late. :) I promise to do it next year, though!

    J--YAY! I hope that you rally too. :)

  5. Wooo hooo! I must keep on keeping on!

  6. I'm way up on my Word Count this week--will tally my total later. I started a new project yesterday, and wrote almost 2000 words last night. On my new project. Not on my WIP. But still...

  7. Thanks for hosting! Was on vacation for most of it, but I did get some writing in so happy for that!

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  9. Duh, posted in the wrong place. Going to fix that now.

  10. Marisa--Keep on keeping on!!

    Laura--thanks! The Tour needed it's fans too--thanks for all the good cheers!

    Kris--Awesome job!


    Kelly--It's a tough time--I was on vacation for some of it too, but it's good to get ANY words in during the summer!

    Kris--I would take tallies in the comment section too. No stress!

  11. Where to I post my total? Here?

  12. It's a race... very cool way to push through a full edit/tightening of one of a 47,000 word WIP. THANKS for setting this up!

  13. It's 11:52 p.m. I just added my words and filled out the form. It's been a heck of a long week. I'm worn to a mushy pulp, but I got a heck of a lot done. Crawling, dragging my bike over the finish line!

  14. Anita--totals can go in the comments, or in the form which is linked in the body of the blog post. :)

    Robert--That's sweet, Robert! I'm glad you've made such progress!

    Lynn-Serious effort! Way to go! WOO-HOO!