Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are you Ready to RUMBLE--Final Week of the Tour de Writing

It's that time in the Tour de Writing. The final week. Time to break free from the peloton. Time to sprint away from the group. Time to fix that yellow jersey in your mind's eye and go after it. Time to write. Just write.

It's been a close race thus far:

Yellow Jersey--Overall:


Marisa is in the lead with 27,729 revision points. She is proudly on the podium wearing the yellow jersey, for most points overall. Watch out, Marisa, you have a definite target on your back!

Green Jersey--Drafting:

Jon narrowly grabs the green sprinting jersey with 20,290 drafting points. Better write fast to keep that jersey, Jon!

  Alicia, a newcomer in the 2011 Tour, is breathing down Jon's neck with a crazy awesome 19,855 points. Less than 500 points separate first and second place in the drafting category. Write on!

Kris is holding strong with 11,858 drafting points. Nice job, Kris!

  Anita is making great strides with 8,000 drafting points!

  Kelly is making progress with 1,815 points! Way to go, Kelly!

  Fida had her strongest week last week, and is up to 1,791 points. Fab, Fida!

Polka dot jersey--Revising

Tina is holding tight to the red polka dot jersey with 19,235 points. Impressive, Tina!!

White Jersey--Drafting and Revising

 Lynn holds strong to the white jersey with 17,160 points. Yay Lynn!

 Taffy is coming up strong with a fantastic 9,412 points. Great job, Taffy!

 I'm holding the back of the revising and drafting pack with 5,371 points. I'm going to have to have a stellar writing week to place!

Great job to all! Any progress during the summer months is a definite achievement! Now, set your sights on grabbing, or holding onto one of these jerseys. Anyone wearing a jersey at the finish line wins a fabulous prize (more on that tomorrow!). Make sure to stop by here on Friday and give me your final tallies BEFORE MIDNIGHT to be eligible for a prize!!

Onward and Upward!! (Feel free to trash talk as necessary in the comments!)

Also, I will be hosting early morning TPRs while Tina escapes to vacationland. Why don't you come join me--I might need some prodding to remember to get up each morning!! They will be held from 8 am est (when you officially unplug to write) until 9 est, when we join back to talk about our progress. Look for me in The Practice Room tomorrow and everafter!


  1. Woooo hoooo! And I thought I was going to get knocked out of the standings because I struggled so hard with my words last week. :D YIPPEE. Now I'm off for more - I have several chapters that need rewriting, and I am determined to keep my jersey!

  2. I have had a hard time these last few weeks.

    But I will push some this afternoon and hope that I can make it up a bit. :) And then I am out of here and that it all I get for this last week of the tour. Thanks so much for hosting such a great contest, H! It is inspirational. I for sure pulled off more than I would have. Next year, I'm drafting!

  3. I added a bit to my total, today, what I thought was going to be a no-writing day. I should be able to do a bit more tomorrow and Thursday. YAY tour de writing!