Monday, August 15, 2011

Series: Where Are The Gay Parents In Children's Literature?

Everyone who is waiting on pins and needles for the final results and award ceremony for the Tour de Writing, please check back tomorrow! Because today, I want to direct you all to a blog series by Jon and Kris!

I think this is a fabulous topic of conversation. I can't wait to pick up some of the titles that they are talking about, and I encourage you to pick one up too. That way we can all weigh in on this topic! But I also feel like this is not just a topic of conversation, but the very weighty idea that we are all responsible, as writers, to think about what types of people will populate our books.

I feel as though literature should be reflective of our society, but also reflect what society could, or should be. What does it say to my children when books don't reflect the families of their friends? Does it make those families seem less legitimate? Am I getting too political?

Please stop by Jon's blog for an overview of the series, and Kris' blog for a list of book titles. Had you noticed that the books you were reading lacked gay parent characters? What do you think about this? Can you recommend any books you have read which included gay parents? Does this sort of discussion make you feel any pressure as a writer to write what you maybe don't know? Really, what do you think? 


  1. Thanks, Heather, for the arrow-pointing! I love the conversations and how they are starting.

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  3. Thanks Heather--and thanks for your great comments over on my blog as well.

    I think people stay away from writing about life experiences they haven't had because they are afraid of offending--which is okay. We should strive not to offend, if we can help it. But writers write about things they don't know about all the time. With the proper research and respect, I think we can absolutely write about people who's life experiences are different than our own.

    Just my $.02. And by the way, I'm dying to know the results of the tourdewriting. Even though I DO appreciate the shout-out!

  4. I read a YA about six months ago, but I can't remember the name of it. The girls' parents were divorced. She was going to visit her dad and she surprised him a day early. His friend was at the house when she arrived. The father was gay and not sure how to tell his daughter. It was handled well. Seems to me it was a YA from the UK. Yes, it was, but I'm drawing a blank on the title.

  5. I actually haven't read any YAs with gay parents. I think this is a great discussion and it doesn't make me uncomfortable at all.

  6. J--Great conversations!

    Kris--I totally agree with you. And I love how you said it.

    Lynn--I would love to hear about that book, if you happen to remember the title!

    Isis--Thanks for stopping by, and joining in!

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