Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Derailed No Longer

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to stick up a quick post, asking for updates. I am (finally) back from vacation, and ready to dig into the Tour de Writing standings. Hopefully I'll post them tomorrow. :) And, yes, I know I missed an entire week of standings. Sigh. I just couldn't manage it during vacation.

I've been writing today, and am happy to jump right back in--the vacation was great for brainstorming some of the plot issues I'd been struggling with. So YAY!

I even did a #tourdewriting challenge this am on twitter (thanks @KristineAsselin!). Hopefully tomorrow I will be in the Practice Room, and writing more. So, let me know this week's goals, and please post last week's word counts on last Friday's post.

Bear with me, as I slide back into the groove of things. Who is insane enough to organize a completely convoluted, confusing but UTTERLY FUN writing challenge while she is on vacation? OH, THAT WOULD BE ME. Anyway. The Tour de Writing continues until August 12th, so feel free to jump on board if you want to up your word count (or revision count) this summer.

What's your writing goal this week?

Do you have a Tour de Writing goal this week? Mine is to move forward, to continue to revise, and to get this thing rolling!


  1. My goal is to get 3,000 words written.

  2. Welcome back! :) I'd be happy with another 2,000.

  3. Glad you got unstuck on your trip. We're going on vacation this week. I'm relaxing and maybe brainstorming like you.

  4. My goal is 1000 since I am also on vacay.