Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Monday Meeting, Bouncing off Clouds

Happy Tuesday everyone!

This week I'm learning if I can actually juggle revisions with drafting projects. How do you guys divide your time with writing? I admit that I really do get tunnel vision, which is probably good. But it makes it hard to work on more than on thing at a time.

But, I'm really enjoying where I am in my revisions, and continuing to plug ahead. So, my goals are to  work on more than one project this week. And, in celebration of all the snow we've gotten, and the snow that is supposed to arrive each and every day this week, here is a beautiful folksy song by Dar Williams--February.

And, in case you need something a little more upbeat to start your day, here's Tori Amos, Bouncing off Clouds.

See what she does with the piano there? That's how I'm playing my Works-In-Progress today. Simultaneously. How's your writing week going? Do you have goals? Lay 'em on me!


  1. Yay! So exciting to hear that you're doing well and juggling your various activities!

    I flipflop between editing and working on new stuff. For me, I choose which I work on by feeling. If I'm all inspired and 'into it' I'll attack one or more than one WIP. When I'm like that I find that the words just come, pouring out like a bubbling creek. When that creek freezes and I'm having to chip words off to add to the WIPs, I stop trying. Instead, I turn on the 'business' switch and go at whatever needs to be edited or overhauled, scrutinizing the project with an analytical and somewhat dispassionate eye. Since I choose off of feeling, I can literally get up in the morning and write for an hour, do chores, then not feel like writing and edit instead.

    Again, so thrilled to hear how much you have going on! Keep at it girl! :D

  2. Time is always an issue. But I let my mood dictate where I go--revisions or something new. And deadlines, I tend to work pretty well giving myself deadlines.

  3. I get tunnel vision, too. I have an idea festering but I'm reluctant to touch it because I'm knee deep in revisions. When I'm drafting and researching, I like to spend a lot of time and energy in that world. I find it hard to combine both. But it's probably a really good idea I should try.

  4. It's hard for me to actively work on more than one project at a time, and a completed or almost completed project is harder to put aside. That is, I can lay aside a WIP in the early stages to work on something else, but as I approach the climactic scenes, I cannot. Likewise, when revising, I tend to get caught up in the story and cannot work on anything else until I've made one pass through it.

    HOWEVER, a deadline from an editor trumps anything. :D

  5. Thanks for the clips...very nice! Time is also an issue for me, there's just not enough of it (getting sick didn't help any). Right now I'm editing, trying to meet a deadline. Good luck with your revisions!

  6. A. Grey--I love your imagery--babbling creek indeed! I'm definitely adopting your method. It sounds perfect. We should get together for a writing session some day. You know, if the country folds in half, and we end up close in proximity to each other. LOL

    E. Arroyo--Time is such an issue! I'm glad you work well with deadlines. I haven't had too much success with deadlines. I have been surprised how quickly I draft, and surprised at how slowly I revise. But I'm still learning, so I am letting things take as long as they take.


    Tracey--It's good to hear that others have this writing style too. I think I would be a healthier writer if I could balance a few things at a time, but we'll see if I can go against my own grain. :)

    Dianne--I like your focus. That's wonderful!

    Kittie--I hope you're feeling better! Good luck with the deadline!

  7. Yeah, I do a writing act similar to Tori's piano act...I prefer to use my toes. :)

  8. That's great if you can juggle it. I tend to focus on one project at a time. Though I'm going to work on a new project for a few months and then go back and focus on voice in revising my other manuscript again. You know the one that never seems to be done.

    Let us know how juggling works.

  9. I usually do one project at a time. And my goal for this week is to finish revisions once and for all!
    Cool Tori song. I have one of her cds!

  10. I'm a one project girl. But I am determined to teach myself to work on more than one at once here on out. Go by feeling like A Grey. Or in a pinch use my toes like Anita.

  11. Go Heather! Not a chance I could do it. Those characters in my revision will not stop talking at me. I can, fortunately, beta read and work on revisions in the same day, which is good because I've been swapping lots of those lately.

  12. Good luck w/the multiple projects.

    And thank you for the snow. I miss snow!

  13. Good luck! Not all the times, but sometimes I have an overlap. Once I finish any major rewrites and start to focus on the the scenes and the sentences, then I'll start plotting the next one. Because sometimes that takes a month or two. And I love to be part way into another story when it's time to query. I'll do the revising in the morning and the writing at night. Or take one or two days of the week to work on something new. Have fun with it!

  14. I'm working on three projects at once-- trying to figure out which one I want to run with. Plus, I'll soon have agent revisions in my hand...

    I'm a multi-tasker?

  15. Usually when I multitask, I pick one priority and set one day aside to do what I want.

    When I don't do that, the gears in my mind lock.

    Just like they are doing now...


  16. Anita--LOL. That I'd like to see.

    Natalie--I'll let you know. I'm glad you have a system that works!

    Kelly-That'll be awesome, to finish. I'm sending you great revising vibes. Go you!

    T--I'm hoping that we can both learn new tricks. LOL.

    Lori--I love that. I'm a big fan of following the muse, and if characters are talking to you, that's awesome!!

    Robert--It's been crazy here, the amount of snow we've gotten!

    Laura--that's so smart, always having something in the wings!

    Samantha--Sounds like an awesome kind of multitasking, congrats on having agent revisions to work on!

    Misha--Bummer about gears locking. Normally it's overload from my non-writing life that does that to me. I'm glad you have a system that works for you. Here's to unlocking the gears!!

  17. Yea for multitasking!!

    I kind of hoped to have a multitasking week, but one project took over. Oh well, next week the second project can steal all my time.

    Good luck with the revisions!

  18. I am very tunnel-visioned too. I don't think I could work on two projects at once... the closest I've gotten is to type up parts of other future WIPs that start transmitting directly into my brain (muses can be persistent sometimes). But then I go back to my current WIP.

  19. Have a terrific week, Heather. Good luck with the juggling, Buffy

  20. I also get a bit of tunnel vision, which makes it hard to work on a first draft and a revision or rewrite of another novel at the same time. it also makes it hard to transition from writing to editing/rewriting, etc. And hard to query and write at the same time.

    It's really annoying, but I'm finding ways to work with it. Best wishes on your writing!