Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Cat Ate My Manuscript

Things My Cat Ate Today:

1. A sticker. Cowgirl had given me a kitten sticker, and I had stuck it on my laptop. I thought it was cute that Pip the kitten was playing with the kitten sticker (you know, instead of playing with MY KEYBOARD). And then she ATE it.

2. The bottom of the treat bag. My sister-in-law had sweetly gotten some kitty treats for all the cats. Pip wasn't into sharing. She ate the bottom of the bag, and then ate all the treats.

3. A piece of glittery boa. For the love of Pete.

4. Old Grey Cat's food.

Growling to scare away Old Grey Cat.

She then dug the can out of the recycling to finish it off.
Poor OGC. I had to sequester her and her food so that she could eat.

5. The corner of the book I was reading. !!!!

6. Various pieces of mail on the counter.

7. And the pièce de résistance? My revisions. Pip tore them to shreds:

Literally. What a menace. I hope your crit partners are more kind. 

Right now, Pip is definitely cutest when she sleeps:

Evidently, my animals are more like small children right now. Have any menaces to share?

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  1. This post totally made me laugh out loud! :D Every animal I know is a menace to something, paper, fingers, bread bags you name it they've menaced it.

    The funniest that comes to mind is my dad's cat (the one I call Catzilla) and the bread. I got up for a bathroom run in the middle of the night one time and heard this weird rustling sound. Flipping the light switch revealed Catzilla carrying an entire fresh loaf of bread down the hallway like it was a dead deer. Then the son of a !*# freaking RAN with it when he saw me see him! Luckily, neither the bread, nor the cat, could fit under the couch to escape...

  2. First, I don't know what's stranger: the fact that your cat ate your sticker or the fact that a cowgirl gave it to you. I'm kind of thinking the latter. :)

    Also: Your poor revisions!! I hope the cat only ate around the edges, not actual notes you had hand-written!

  3. I totally believe this since I have seen her in action through skype. Pip is CRAZY!

  4. All cats are crazy! That's what makes them fun. Mine eats my Kindle. (Well, the leather binder thing that houses it.) She also ate all the sparkly felt jingle bell stars off my Christmas tree.

    Occasionally she tries to munch on one of the dogs. (Said dogs are 50 lbs. each. Talk about biting off more than you can chew!)

  5. haha, I love it! Sorry for all your losses - 'specially that torn up MS! What a funny little kitten... Pip is such a cute name for a menace :D

  6. Your cat is like a child! Like my child specifically. Though she didn't eat the manuscript, my two year old is an 'artist' and my story is much more colorful nowadays.

    I feel you. =)

  7. Silly kitty!
    My pup is sometimes a menace, but luckily she hasn't hurt my manuscript yet! (unless getting me up in the middle of the night to go outside so I'm tired the next day counts)
    Love that last pic. I love when our dogs snuggle up to the kids (and me).

  8. cats are such harsh writing critics. i'd be happy if all our cats thought of my writing was that it was so bad it should be shredded. instead, i've received reactions as to just how, um, crappy my writing is.

    -- Tom

  9. I have a lot of rough draft that your cat is welcome to eat LOL!

  10. No way! You've got one crazy cat on your hands! What a riot! (I'm surprised she doesn't have a tummy ache!) :-)

  11. My indoor kitty (who I call Literary Kitty on my blog) likes to unroll the whole roll of TP and shred it and drag it all over the house. She also likes to climb up on the bathroom counter and drag out the jewelry I have. She's shattered a glass heart necklace. She also attacks my feet at night if I move and my toes are poking out.

  12. Your cat is a picture book in the making!