Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ready, Set...Comment!

I had this other post all thought up for today, but you know.  It's blogging.  It's a whimsical thing.  Today's post will be a hodge podge, I think.

I want to point to Lee Wind and Mother Reader's Comment Challenge, which is starting this Thursday.  The idea is to comment on five kidlit blogs a day to make this community stronger.  I found some writing best friends (I'm not at all kidding) during this last year.  And there are prizes!!  I encourage you to check it out. It somehow makes the kidlit blogosphere seem like a small and cozy place.

Speaking of small and cozy places, Kris has beautifully organized an IRL get-together. You're all cordially invited to Drink (and Dessert) Night.  It will be at the Westford Grille in Westford Ma, on February 15th at 7pm.  Anyone want to fly in for it, you can stay with me. LOL.  RSVP to Kris.  And, if you know of librarians, writers, or industry kid-lit-ers, please pass on the word.

This Friday, I hope you'll stop by HERE for a chat and interview with Terry Lynn Johnson.  Her excellent book, Dogsled Dreams has just been released, and I'M GIVING AWAY A COPY to the person who leaves the best comment or question on Friday for Terry.  YAY.  Congrats Terry!

And, finally, I wanted to, you know, update you on my actual writing.  The dollar-a-day charity resolution experiment is going well.  But I have to qualify what writing is.  Monday was a brainstorming day, and didn't literally forward any of my writing.  I think that was a dollar to my charity.

Because, while brainstorming did great things for my writing this week, I could think about writing all day long, and if I don't write, I don't WRITE.

Jon (you know, one of those people I met during the Comment Challenge last year) and I are currently exploring other types of writing--picture books, short stories, screenplays, and more--as an exercise in learning, and it's been enlightening.

And, I've been writing forward on my NaNo novel, and thinking about revisions for my MG.  So, I have been writing busy.

How about you?  What are you writing/working on?  Hope to see you here Friday!


  1. Good question: what does count as writing? Drafting, revising, editing = definitely. Brainstorming = yes if it results in outling, webs, or lists.
    Commenting on somebody else's manuscript = probably not.
    Blogging = yes. Commenting on blogs = I'm not sure about that.
    Research ... what do you think? It's essential for certain kinds of writing, but does it count for this challenge?

  2. Oh, blogging definitely counts in my book. I look on it as an assignment almost, but one I love. Because I have to make the post worth reading so it requires effort as opposed to commenting which can be as simple as 'great post' or 'loved this.' Not that there's anything wrong with that!

    Anyway, as for me, I'm busy working on the last of my revisions. And I can't wait to start my new story!

  3. Thanks for all of the links and info! Wouldn't ya know I'm from Westford and was just there over the holidays to visit my parents. Of course I'm back home in Virginia now. Darn. Have fun!

  4. My comment will be hodge podgey in response to your hodge podge post.

    The comment challenege is awesome. What an easy way to continue networking and making other feel good. That's what happened last year at least.

    I wish Mass was thirteen hours closer.

    Yay! Terry Lynn Johnson! Yay!

    So, you're at $26? I'm at $27.

    I think you'll know if you've written or not. The resolution is totally about you. Be fair to yourself.

    I feel mightily enlightened as well!

  5. That's a good point about brainstorming vs. writing. I was going to argue that it should count, but the way you explain it, it really doesn't. Congrats on everything you're getting done and the creative way you're going about doing it! You're very inspiring.

  6. That's a great idea for people to try to comment on at least 5 blogs per day. I do more than that most days.

    Can't wait for Terry's interview and to read her book. She is such an awesome person and when she posts on her blog about all her experiences in the wilderness, I am so amazed.

  7. I think I met you two on the comment challenge last year! I'm glad you mentioned it so I can do it again! I won a prize last year!

  8. Dianne--Brainstorming and research I would put in the same category. And in my opinion, if there were actual notes taken for furthering a work, then I would say that was writing. Although it could be argued that brainstorming and research are so essential to writing, that they definitely count. I don't know. I have to draw the line somewhere, and since I do want to give the money to charity, I guess I'm erring on the conservative side. :)

    mshatch--I was so excited to see on your blog that you are getting to the end of your revision! GO YOU!! Yay!! I never count blogging as writing, since it doesn't forward my books, but I find that when I'm blogging more, I'm actually writing more. It's when I feel most connected to the writing community--which is so inspiring for me!

    Tracey--what a small world!! We'll have to plan to get together next time you come avisiting!!

    J--yes, I'm at $25 + $1. I'm going to wait until I've amassed more before I donate again. (I already threw in the 25).

    MG--I know, brainstorming really probably should count--it's a key to my writing. But I do so want to give to charity. :) Thanks for the kind words!!

    Natalie--I am so glad for the comment challenge. I've been away from blogs for a while, and it's nice to have an excuse to jump right back in. Terry is awesome. And gracious. And kind. And down to earth. And takes wonderful pictures. And has a wonderful way with words. I can't wait for tomorrow either.

    Kelly--WOO HOO! See, it's like magic--the comment challenge!!

  9. So I totally hear where your coming from about what counts as writing. I decided I have to draft 750 words - very specific amount, quality not so much. But I am finding that the 750 helps me gain perspective on whatever I am doing. And if I do it early enough in the morning it gets my head in the right place for the day. So far so good. I believe I owe $26 at this point s well.

    I can't wait until the chat with Terry - TOMORROW!

  10. Hi Heather,
    love what you're doing with your blog, and that whole dollar a day to a charity if you DON'T write is a great motivator - a lovely "win-win" set up for success! Delighted you're doing the Comment Challenge again!

    oh - and I really like your quick summary of your WIP under "what I'm writing" - sounds amazing!

  11. Tina--I love that you have defined a quantity--I love that piece of Nano, and it feels like you are rolling with it at 750 words! Go you!

    Lee--Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words. I really do love the comment challenge. It's amazing how something as small as a comment can connect people!

  12. the commenter challenge sounds great. i didn't know about it last year, but did find several random new people commenting on my blog last year. maybe that is how you guys all found me. i'll have to try it for myself this year.

  13. I think if you really want to kick yourself in the writing pants, you should make it a charity you are completely ideologically opposed to. So for example if George Bush skipped a day "writing" his memoir, he'd have to toss $ to the ACLU or something. That would hurt and be MORE of an incentive to put butt in chair and WRITE!

    Just my 2 cents.

    Keep it up!