Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Monday Meeting: Face Time

Good morning all!

I am am blogging less and writing and working out more. I'm hoping that once things shake out, I'll be able to do it all. Isn't that the hope? Or maybe that is the hype. I don't know.

I wanted to talk a bit about collaborations and interactions with other writers, and what that can look like. I know it's tempting to sit in a room with a cat, and just type away in solitude, but right now, with the help of a few friends (isn't that always the way?!) I am exploring some of the ways that we can all be connected through the desire to grow as writers. I was planning on placing this discussion on the blog on Wednesdays, but I'm morphing it with my Monday Meeting check in this week.

Because I want to know where you are with your search for co-workers. For Betas, for crit partners, for support. Are you seeking? Are you blogging? Are you most comfortable with solitary writing? What was your idea (when you started) about writing partners and such? Have your views changed as you've immersed yourself in this blogging world? Tell me where you are coming from so I can inform my discussion for Wednesday.

This week I am writing and revising and writing and shoveling snow and critting and starting this discussion of what collaboration writing style looks like. I'm calling the discussion Face Time, since that is what I love--face time with other writers.

And, in the spirit of new beginnings:


  1. Love it! I've got lots on my plate too, but I blogged yesterday about face time with my crit group. I'd love to get back into goal setting and accountability with other writers. Lots to do!

    Will you come on the 15th to the Meet up?

  2. Kris, you couldn't keep me away from that face time!! Can't wait to see you on the 15th.

    So glad you connect with your crit group regularly!

  3. Love that song and totally dig the video!

    I'm doing a lot of writing and not much blogging recently too. Trying to get some balance back into things but this isn't the worse imbalance I could have, considering how much writing is coming out of it.

    Good luck in all your ventures Heather! :D

  4. Is it odd that you blogging about the new platform is the most reassuring thing for me that we are going in the right direction? Not the hours spent skyping where we're both excited or the texts at 11pm about a great idea...but the blog post that proclaims where you are with writing.

  5. A. Grey--I think that is a wonderful imbalance--and maybe it is balanced, since the pendulum will most definitely swing back again! Ride the writing flow!

    Jon--in a weird way, I feel like this is what we have always been building toward, when we talked about blogging as a way to promote community--when Tina brilliantly started the Practice Room and everything. It's all about different layers of connectivity.

  6. Thank you for consistently blowing open my concept of writing and community.

    The best part of blogging, collaboration and your presence in the writing community is that more people get to experience the magic of Heather.

    (I've liked this song. Now I'm downloading it.)

  7. I love the connections through blogging, immediate connections through the Practice Room, and of course now I've started Skyping with Jon. I used to be more of a social person and missed it, so how awesome how a solitary vocation can become one full of friendship and support!

  8. I've only been blogging and on Twitter for a short time, but I'm loving the community of writers there. It can be a lonely profession but interacting makes all of the waiting that much more bearable. I've found some great crit partners and beta readers who are great for support. I'm not able to do much face-to-face stuff, so I'm so thankful for the online community. I think I'd be a much different writer if these were the pre-Internet days.

  9. Good post. I'm really enjoying blogging and other social media like Twitter, but have found that I definitely don't have a balance down just yet. I spend too much time on it now - time that I should be writing. I think in time it will all be squared away and hopefully I'll establish a routing:)

  10. For me, TPR has been the bestest when it comes to meeting other writers and finding crit partners I feel comfortable with. LOVE you guys at TPR! Can you believe our first official unplug was 2.5 months shy of a year ago? INSANITY! But wow, has my writing life changed in this last (almost) year!

  11. I know you've got this collaboration idea brewing and I know it's going to be good and I can't wait to see it. I've also got one building in my head and when I get some free time (which means working ahead on my MFA stuff), then I'm proposing it to Jon, who will share it with the blog world, hopefully. But yours first. Yay!

  12. Great that you're exercising more. We all need to.

    I have two critique groups already. They are so helpful. I totally lose perspective on my own work. Everyone needs to find them, either in their community or online.

  13. I love the way you are introducing this discussion. It would be cool to hear what people want to make on this internet thing. There are pockets of people who know each other everywhere and do different things for each other. I love that you can find real people and real communities out here. What else can we do with it?

  14. Oh, and I didn't answer your question, I just got excited about it. I always wanted to make writer friends and find other folks struggling as I am. And now I have. I am so lucky!

  15. I am so thankful for all the friends I have made in the blogging world. Some have turned into critique partners, some into twitter buddies, but they have all enriched and continue to enrich my life.

    I'm still blogging a minimum of once a week, balancing that with my writing.

  16. Robert--Aww. I feel the same way about you.

    Kelly--I like the way you put tied it all up. Thanks!

    Tracey--I agree. Pre-internet days must have been a different ballgame. I love it that people can get immersed in a support group in such a small amount of time on the internet.

    Lindsay--I always have to make sure that I'm putting in the writing time. However, I have to say that most of my internet interactions direct impact the quality and quantity of writing. I am a better writer for talking with all of you.

    M--I can't believe that the Practice Room is almost a year old--how time flies!! I'm hoping more and more people will discover the benefits!

    Anita--YAY!! Can't wait to hear about yours as well!

    Natalie--Perspective is so hard. I always need time away as well as input from others to get a clear view.

    Tina--:) You are brilliant in pulling people together. The Practice Room is amazing!!

    Paul--It's incredible how we can take a group of people, and have each one of them mean something different and important to us and our writing career. I'm glad you've found balance. I should take a page out of your book!

  17. I don't think you can write effectively adn therefore communicate what you want to without betas or crit partners.

    Sometimes as writers because we understand what we've written we authomatically think that our readers will but that's not always the case. Communication is a tricky thing.

    I'm fortunate to have several friends who are also writers so we read eachothers work and it makes a big difference.

  18. I gave you an award on my blog www.katherinscott.blogspot.com