Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Meeting

Guess what??  I do exist?  And you know who else does?  Anna and Nandini.  We all met up at Leah's book launching of  Mistwood!  Check out the pictures that Anna and Nandini posted. See, I'm there, IN THE FLESH!! I love meeting virtual writers and finding out that yes, indeed, they do exist.  And finding out that some live in my town!!  Wow, crazy.  Thanks, Anna and Nandini for a fun day!!

I spent some of the weekend trying to track down a few new releases.  Specifically, this one:

And this one:

Unfortunately, and sadly, no local stores (even big chains) had either book in stock, so I had to order them.  Boo-hoo.  But since I went to the book launch of this one on Sunday, it's in my hot hands right now:

I am sooo excited to dig in.

But, I'm also having a funky kind of Monday, and not really inspired to do much.  Bogged down with laundry, and the left over endorphins of an emergency room run late Friday night (everyone is fine, thank goodness), I'm finding it hard to buckle down and get to work.  I'm planning on going to the library with my daughter, and then unplugging with Tina at 12:00 EST (I may still be at the library, but I will be unplugged and working).

So, what do you do when you get funky?

My goals for the week are to solidify the new first chapter, and work forward, changing out what has to be changed.  I'm very excited about the new beginning of the book, and I'll see if I can continue.  I need to keep the tension high.  So, that's my goal for this week.

What goals do you have?

Oh, and check out the funk-lifting chain of posts starting at Elana's this morning:  Spreading the Awesome.  Everyone is showcasing, and giving away their favorite books--so awesome!!


  1. I read. Usualy something I've read before and know it will make me feel X (whatever X I'm hankering for at the time). I couldn't find that book recently and picked up one off my TBR stack instead. It was the perfect choice.

    I have to give myself permission to not write when my batteries are extremely low. Recharging - reading - is important for many different reasons. Sometimes I think if I'm not spending every waking moment I can trying to crank out a novel, then I'm not doing it right. That kind of thinking will burn me out really fast.

    Want that Kirov book - now! B&N had the first one here, but I ordered it through one of my favorite independent stores. May have to do that again.

    word ver: worth

  2. I have to keep writing. I had a lot of input over the weekend at the conference that I went to and I feel like I need a lot of it to sink in. I also got Writing the Breakout Novel. And what Donald Mass said and everyone at the conference said, is we just have to keep working and getting feedback and you can make that special thing. Heather, it is a lot of work but you have so much accomplished! There were so many people at the conference just learning all these things we already know.

  3. I'm so jealous! For the first time, I wish I lived on the East Coast instead of California! I would so love to meet all of you in person. I'm looking forward to the SCBWI LA conference though, I think a few writers might attend.

  4. Heather, your sentence says it all: I need to keep the tension high. When the tension's high, the words flow. And it's great seeing you in the flesh, yea!

  5. I'm so glad we were all about to meet up! By the way, Heather, I love your existential musings: if there are pictures of me up on the internet, that must mean I exist. :-)

    My goal for this week is to grade a whole bunch of final papers and to not stress out too much about all the writing I'm NOT doing!

  6. If I wake up totally funky, I try and get housework done. But sometimes, if I start writing, I end up accomplishing more than I'd realize.

  7. I already read Mistwood! I must say I loved it and I read it one evening because I simply couldn't stop myself.

  8. awesome lineup!! looks like i need to add some MORE books to my TBR pile.. oh goodness!!



  9. I do something I've been wanting to do for a long time, but couldn't find time for, like reading a good book, or watching a movie or going out for a really great meal. While doing this I let my mind sort of float and if it happens to land on my writing and give me some new ideas great. If not, well, I've had a fabulous relaxing experience that's recharged me.

  10. Sarah--I think that reading will be a very good way to get over the funk. And you're right. It's worth it to recharge the batteries. I'm a bit disappointed about not finding Erica's book. (My son is too--we'll be fighting over it when it does arrive!! :))

    Tina--the conference must have really given you a burst of energy! I think ours will too--and it's only a week or so off!! Can't wait. I'm so glad you had a great experience!

    Lisa--I imagine that LA conference is huge!--what fun. I can't wait to meet more 'virtual' writers at the NESCBWI in a few weeks!!

    Kittie--tension is definitely what I'm paying attention to. In my head, things are more connected and tense than in the novel. I have to translate better!!

    Anna--LOL!! I exist because Anna posted my picture!! Thanks for the fun yesterday. It was a bit surreal. (the hot, hot day, the weird water issues, the alcoholic ice cream, the crazy photographer) I'm glad you are in the homestretch of your school stuff. What a release it will be when that's done!

    Laura--I like that. The housework. Calm the chaos without, and I'll be more at peace within. Great advice. I am going to give writing a try as well. Maybe I'll get sucked in...

    A. Grey--You're super fast!! Nandini's daughter (she's in the pics on Nandini's blog) had read it as well. I can't wait to start it!

    Tahereh--I'm so excited about all these books. Plus I picked up Split and Skin Hunger at the library today, so my cup runneth over. Got to get reading!! Have a fantastic week!

    Angie--hello!! That's a great idea. Like a mini vacation or treat! What a great way to recharge. Have a great writing week!

  11. Heather - this made me think about the M&M commercial where Red and Yellow meet Santa Claus. "He does exist!" "They do exist!" And Red and Santa pass out.

    I exist too...and we'll have to take pictures at NESCBWI to prove it!

  12. That is so fun that you got to meet up with other bloggers/writers!
    I hope you get out of your funk. Sunshine does it for me (but you can't control that), sometimes exercise, sometimes hugs from my kids.
    This week I am taking a break from my MG and doing the PiBoWriMo thingie. It's fun to do another genre for a week.

  13. Sorry you're in a funk! I am awaiting some feedback, so I will be reorganizing my office-type stuff (I don't actually have an office right now, but the stuff is getting out of control).

  14. HI HONEY!

    Read about your dreadful emergency over at Dena's!! So sorry to hear that! It was Sean - right? Make sure that you catch up on that sleep!

    WOW - Erica's book looks AMAZING as do the others. Hubby asked me if I wanted a new laptop for my birthday

    29th JUNE EVERYONE!!!!!Just in case anyone wants to give me (hint hint) a small/huge pressie...? You have enough time to save some dosh....

    Anyway - I told him that this one I have is perfectly fine - but - I wanted him to order me books from Amazon to the same I'm waiting a month or so to order those plus loads of others!

    Indeed you EXIST - your lovely face just shot up on my FACEBOOK with TINA and JON you guys plan those things or is it just the psychic link...?

    FANTASTIC about you getting out there and meeting other writers...I am with you in mind and BODY is living it up for the 2 of us!
    *HUGS* and hope Little Guy is feeling better!

  15. I usually try to read and get some rest when I'm in a funk.

    That's so cool you got to go to Mistwood's launch.

  16. Heather, glad the E-room adventure turned out okay. We had one of those recently that turned out okay too.

    When I'm in a funk I do different things but more often than not the right music can help to ease me back into "my life."

    My goal for the week. Still working on that book I'm gonna send my agent, hopefully soon, and to turn all the soil in the garden and mix in lime and compost and other good organic stuff:-)

  17. Have fun reading! I miss you though...

    What do I do when I get funky? You, H, know all too well what I do.

  18. How cool that you got to meet your peeps in the flesh! Funks...I like to read a great book or watch a good movie. That does the trick every time.

  19. Kris--I can't wait!! I have misplaced my camera, so I will have to locate it before we go! Now where would a six year old stash a camera? *hunting around the room*

    Kelly--I'm going to try the exercise thing! And the picture book challenge sounds like such fun!

    Larissa--I clean when I'm waiting too. I'm glad that you get a breather, and that you are taking advantage of it!

    Ann Marie--I can't imagine what my facebook account was doing--I really haven't been on in ages. However, now that I know that everybody is there...

    Thanks for the well wishes for Sean. He appears to not have broken anything. Which is excellent! But it was a very exciting.

    *marking June 29th on my calendar.* Woo-hoo! Glad you are already thinking about the celebration!

    Natalie--Rest is key. I definitely have not been getting enough sleep! Mistwood's launch was fun!

    Paul--Music! How did I forget about the power of music?? Thanks!!

    Good luck finishing up what you need to in order to send the book to your agent! I've already planted some seeds inside--pumpkins, sunflowers and watermelon. Big ticket items with my kids. We'll see how things go. I haven't prepared the garden yet. Have a great writing week, Paul!!

    J--yes--I tend to disconnect in my funk. Missing you too. Wibij will get me back on track, if reading doesn't!!

    Julie--I haven't tried a movie (other than kids movies). Great advice! Thanks! I hope you have a great writing week this week!

  20. Hi Heather,
    Hope you had a productive Tuesday! I'm so glad we connected at Leah's release party. It's weird that we live in the same town, know the same people, and never crossed paths. Look forward to seeing you soon!

  21. Heather! Great stuff on your blog!! I'm laughing that it took the blogosphere -- and a mutual writing friend -- to reconnect. It is a small world, indeed, huh? Glad to be back in touch. Hope the muse finds you this week!

  22. Heather! Your blog! It looks fabulous!

    Good luck on your book!

    I'm still struggling with my beginning. I've abandoned work on it to work on world-building. I can't wait until this thing gains momentum.

  23. Nandini! Hello! It was such fun bumping into you yesterday. I wonder how many other times we've been at the same place, and walked right by. We should all wear buttons. WRITER. FOR CHILDREN. That way we would KNOW. :)

    Martha--WOW. What a small world (or, how on earth did we fall out of touch, and thank goodness for Nandini!) And, the week is definitely getting more productive as the week wears on. Thanks!

    Natasha--hello! I'm glad you like the new look. I was feeling all boxed in with the old one. I hope that you get that momentum soon--because you pump out such words when you do! An inspiration. Thanks for stopping by!