Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Meeting--Kitten Frenzy

Multiply this times two.

Since Jon so liked my 'don't kill the fish' metaphor last week, I thought I would open up this Monday meeting by talking about how my manuscripts are similar to our two newest family members.

1. Manuscripts only cuddles when they want to.
2. When they do, you drop everything to cuddle, for as long as that manuscript wants.
3. Sometimes manuscripts claw and bite. Rarely do they mean to actually hurt you.
4. Manuscripts DO NOT LIKE TO BE IN THE BATH. (Seriously.  My son tested this theory out last night.  Me: "Why is Magellan wet?" Superman: "Mom, she got too close to the bath" --read: 'she got too close to my reach while I was in the bath.')
5. Sometimes manuscripts keep you up all night long with their antics.
6. It's always better to have two manuscripts going at once, so they can play and cuddle with each other, when they choose not to play and cuddle with you.
7. Manuscripts oscillate between being really loud and playful and so quiet that you panic, thinking you have lost them.  But there they are, just hiding out and taking a nap.
7. Sometimes the manuscripts' mommy cries at the back door, and you let her in so that she can nurse her manuscripts.  Okay, this was a stretch.  But it just goes to show you how wild and crazy it is around here. :)

Okay, onto business. *banging the gavel*
This week, I am going to use my last morning of freedom to write.  My daughter's school ends this week, and after this, I won't have any free time due to school, since I am homeschooling her for her last year of pre-K. Am I crazy? YES.

I'll just have to be even more creative with my writing time.

I'm actually going to set a solid writing goal this week.  I want to restructure the first 5 chapters around my new beginning.  I need to get this book moving.  I also have a goal of more exercise in my schedule.  For some reason, it's one or the other. I either exercise or write.  But I need to do both to stay balanced. Another goal is to beat Kate at some word counts in The Practice Room.  Who's with me?    C'mon!  Competitive writing isn't just for NANO anymore!!

Plus, Kate Messner is saying a welcome to some new bloggers this week.  She is encouraging you to go and say hi at their blogs.  Show those writers what community looks like.  And, then stop back by KM's blog, and she'll enter you in to win an ARC of her AWESOME NEW BOOK. A prize for being neighborly.  How cool!

And, you haven't yet missed entering Tahereh's awesome contest by playing with kittens all weekend.  You have until tonight to enter.  Check it out!!

And, Congrats, DENA!!!

Woo-hoo, Elana! (Check out her fabulous give-aways this week, too!!)

So, what are your goals for the week?  Do your manuscripts ever hide from you?  How do you carve out time to write?  Are you ready for some competition in The Practice Room?


  1. Aw, thanks for the shout-out, Heather! I'll be in the practice room today from 11-12, wrangling with my manuscript. Time is constantly an issue for me...that, and I easily get discouraged. Sometimes it feels so overwhelming..but I think I need to just do it!

  2. I like this one the most, "It's always better to have two manuscripts going at once, so they can play and cuddle with each other, when they choose not to play and cuddle with you."

    This week I am restructuring my focus.

  3. No, I don't think you're crazy for homeschooling your child before Kindergarten - or even if you keep going with homeschooling. I taught all my kids to read before they entered first grade. And two of my 3 children didn't go to preschool. And they're doing just fine! There were certain hours of the day where they knew they had to entertain themselves. You can do it.

  4. Oh man, the crazy cat lady inside of my soul LOVED this post.

    And I love how you try to balance exercise and writing time... I'm terrible at that, letting writing time always win, and exercise fall by the wayside. I think I might set the goal this week to try balancing them both!! Very inspiring!

  5. I love the bath story! Poor Magellan.

    This week I'd love to get a couple more chapters written on my WIP. It's kind of a crazy week since we are leaving town early wednesday morning for two weeks. Lots to do.

    Good luck w/the restructuring!

  6. Wow, I'm in awe of your metaphorical skills, Heather! And that is one seriously adorable kitten.

    My goal for this week is to stop being intimidated by my revision and just do it already! Every time I sit down to revise, I hit a wall because I realize that one change will require a hundred other changes. But I will do it, no matter how much it hurts my brain!

  7. As we say in these parts: That kit is et up with the cutes.

    I chortled over the MS as kitten true!

    And kudos on the homeschooling. I've used a homeschool curriculum before (I was an instructor for a family in my wild and crazy youth) and it totally turned me around on it. My only experience prior was my insane (truly) uber-doctrinal brother who homeschooled his kids so the devil in the institution wouldn't get them. When I really got my hands on it, though, the quality of the material and the systems in place were so impressive.

    We've bounced the idea around and came down against for two reasons. My pirate desperately needs the socialization of something more mainstream where he is not the center of the universe. I still teach him at home since school doesn't quite keep up with him but the "play nice/share with others/follow the rules even if they are stupid" part of a classroom is what he is there for. The other reason is that I suck at structure. Home school classes supposed to start at nine? Well, hello, it's ten and we haven't cracked a book yet. Poor kid came by it honest. If I was as organized as you, I'd do it. And not just for pre-K.

  8. Awww, love the kitten post!
    I want to come over and cuddle those kittens (I don't care if I get scratched). But my manuscript needs me more.... :)
    I'll go check out those links!

  9. just cause you're claiming to out write me this week doesn't mean you actually will.

    cause i'm bring the heat!

  10. I homeschooled my son for pre-K. You go, girl!

    I am looking forward to having more time to write once school is out, because I work at the school. :-) I'm sure my kids will be a big distraction, but I can usually get a couple of hours worth of writing time in the morning before they start feeling too ignored. Fortunately, they are all big kids now.

  11. I totally relate to being able to exercise or write, both not both. Why is that?

    Good luck w/ your word count this week!

    I think I finished my wip yesterday -- but revisions are calling to me. I CAN'T wait to get this thing on query!

  12. Dena--I feel the same way--somedays I just need to write through it. That's why the practice room is so great. I'll see you there this week! Good luck!

    Jon-Restructuring focus sounds wonderful. Good luck!

    Laura--thanks. I'm looking forward to having my littlest one at home a little longer...

    Marisa--every once in a while, we have to let the crazy cat lady out... I really need to do both--write and exercise. It's about carving out the time. Good luck--we'll do it together!

    Paul--good luck getting writing done this week. I find transition weeks to be tough. Have fun on your trip!

  13. Anna--I'm so glad to hear you say that revision can be overwhelming-- the ripple effect of one change in a MS. That's what I'm feeling too. But excited as well. A--you can do it! Good luck this week.

    Laurel--I love the resources I got from my daughter's old school--the curriculum is impressive. I've always thought that the socialization aspect of school is worth its weight in gold. There is just so much that I want to do with my daughter, and I know that she can get the social part through play dates. I'm looking forward to this opportunity.

    Kelly--Any time you need a cuddle, come on by!! Good job sticking with the manuscript! Have a great writing week.

    Kate--BRING IT!! I love our competition!! See you in the practice room!

    Rebecca--I can't wait for summer as well--less structure, days of swimming, dollar movie Wednesdays... can't wait. Hopefully I'll write a little as well! Good luck this week!


    Kris--you sound super motivated! And you are inspiring me!! Thanks. Good luck this week!

  14. What a cute little kitty! We just got a new sheepdog puppy so I 'feel' you. :-)

    Kudos for you on homeschooling! I'd have a dead kidlet if I tried that for any length of time.

    Have fun playing in your practice room. I started AND finished another MG novel this last month with a goal to finish yesterday (I did)since it was the last day of school. Yes, I wrote just over 55,000 words in 19 non-consecutive days--it CAN be done. I personally like writing sprints (20 minutes solid writing, 10 minutes chatting or doing short odd chores)

  15. Margaret--I like your writing sprints. I do that when I run too. Maybe I'll give it a try!

    And--wow for your awesome word count. I'll let you know when I'm drafting again--we can go 'head-to-head'.
    Good luck with writing forward this week!