Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Feature: Book Giveaway

So, we've had a party over at WIBIJ this week. It's been amazing. And it got me thinking. Sure, those people who have the guts to follow our crazy clues to debut author blogs, and leave witty comments deserve a book. Sure, they do.

But you know who else deserves a book?

You guys. My Faithful Friday Feature Followers. Every week you come and leave thoughtful questions and comments and make my guests feel right at home. You deserve a prize. And, anybody who is new to this blog, or who has been lurking out there reading these posts and not commenting, but going and following new writing friends--you deserve one too. You've got potential! We're building community. Supporting each other. That's a worthwhile endeavor. One that deserves a prize.

So, here is how this is going to work:

1. Go to your favorite friday feature interview, and read through. Look, the list of friday feature interviews are all right there, over at the right hand side of my blog.  You know, under the title, Journeys Toward Publication and Beyond, Writer Interviews. --->

2. Choose a quote from somebody.

You can go for the funny. For example, if I take a quote of Margaret's out of context, it can look like this:

Q: Margaret, your pole dancing days really led to your proficiency with a pen. What did you take away from that experience?

Margaret's A: It was a great place to hang—love the smell of horses, leather and sweat.

Or you can go for the meaningful, and just highlight a quote. Like this one.

Jon said: I like to write, I hate working retail, and sometimes the thing you fear the most (change, in my case) ends up saving you.

Got it?? Let's see who gets the craziest, or most profound. (But let's keep it above the belt, people.) Leave your quotes in the comments, and make sure that you attribute the words to someone, so we can all go check out their interview. Oh, and the winners will get to choose from these amazing books:

(Don't worry, I'm not ripping Magickeepers from the hands of my son--we have two copies so that we can both read it. And one will go to a wonderful follower!)

The contest will run all weekend, and, okay, twist my arm, you can try a few times, if you like. I'll choose the winners on Monday morning in my Monday Meeting. Let the quoting begin!!
Oh, and check out Laura's cool mystery contest, starting Monday!


  1. "I have no freaking idea. I've had entire dinner parties at my home that I do not remember, so there's no way I can remember how I started writing. I do know that I've read some really horrible books and thought, "I can do that." Of course there are also books that make me want to stick to writing my signature."

    -Anita Miller

    This quote just cracked me up. It was one of the first interviews I'd ever read. Not only is it funny, but I can totally relate to reading horrible books and thinking, 'I could do that!' LOL! Thanks for the interview, Anita!

  2. Awesome idea, Heather! Good luck guys!

  3. Dena beat me! I was going to go to Anita's interview because I knew there would be a fun quote in there!
    I shall peruse the interviews this weekend and leave a comment by Monday!
    Thanks for the contest, Heather!

  4. I'm in. I totally want Lauren Oliver's book, Before i fall. I've heard so many good things about it. I'll be looking through the interviews for a great quote. Great idea, Heather.

    And honestly, I tried with WIBIJ to finish. But some Live journal blogs just won't let me comment! And I couldn't figure out the last clue! I'll still try.

    And thanks for mentioning my contest. I know, I'm just giving away a book. Now a days that's piddly squat. But, it's for fun. Even if it's just my readers competing. I had fun writing the mystery! Thanks! And I'll see you next weeeeek!

  5. I love contests. I feel compelled to enter them lately. And I love books. Books and contests. Great combo.

    When did you start writing seriously?

    "When my subscription to Taste of Home ran out. When I realized that scrapbooking was wicked expensive and I couldn't do it in front of the woodstove because the ink from the pictures got all over my fingers. When I realized that taking on a queen size quilt was way too ambitious after only completing a wall hanging. Seriously. I needed a creative outlet."

    - Laura Pauling

    I love this quote because it shows Laura's sense of humor, her self-deprecating style, and her seriousness about her writing. All in one succinct paragraph.

  6. What tricks have you acquired to make you write or create when you don’t feel up to writing?

    "put on some Avenged Sevenfold or Motley Crue, headbang to a song, splash my face with ice water, go outside and run around the house once and sit down with my notebook and the ideas just start coming" Kelly Polark

  7. Great idea! Hope the weekend cooperates. I sometimes think I live in a zoo!

  8. Dena, I love that comment too. Anita's awesome!!

    Hi J!!!

    Cool, Kelly. I'm sure there are more gems in Anita's!!

    Laura--that's a bummer about live journal. I'm sorry that the game was frustrating for you. I'm glad you gave it a try. Thanks for all the support you've given it--and I was happy to give a shout out to your contest--I'm psyched for it.

    Kris--that's a great one!! I love Laura's humor too!

    Monique--Hi!! I think that we should all do what Kelly suggests. I like the idea of all of us simultaneously rushing outdoors to run around the house.

    Kittie--oh, it's very zooish here too!! In the best possible way!

  9. Fun! I'll have to go back through them.

    I have an award for you today! Have a great weekend, Heather. :-)

  10. Shannon--Thanks so much for the award! *hugs*

  11. Awesome! I sure do like all these contests you ave to do something for. Great idea! I just got Prophesy of Days in the mail!! Great book choices!

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  13. Hello there! I like Jon's answer about his biggest trial in writing.

    Jon stated, "Getting over the fact that I, a twenty-four year old gay guy with no degree or noteworthy paper from high school to my name, have no idea what I am doing. Instead, I have been trying to focus on the fact that I love to write."

    I feel like society places such high value on those degrees and "noteworthy paper from high school". But isn't happiness and using God-given talent most important in life? We're not here THAT long! I'm glad Jon is writing and not worrying about jumping through a bunch of hoops to get a piece of paper that says he's a writer. He just is because he does.

  14. Tina-- I do love contests where I make you guys work!! Sing for your supper!!

    Hi Lyndsay! I just got sucked in at your blog. My creative side was twitching to do some crafts and baking as I headed out--thanks so much for stopping by!!

    And, I agree--Jon nailed it on the head. That the focus should be the loving to write. That it's not about degrees and someone else telling us that we are or aren't talented. It's about writing because we love it. Getting to that next level because we're open to the journey.

    That Jon is one smart guy! We're so lucky to have in our midst.

  15. "If I fail at this then it confirms my deepest fear: squirrels are organized. Oops, I mean my 2nd deepest fear: that I really suck at writing." -- Dena Daw

    This made me chuckle. Plus, it seems kinda crazy when you see it all alone like that. :-)

  16. I put on some Avenged Sevenfold or Motley Crue, headbang to a song, splash my face with ice water, go outside and run around the house once and sit down with my notebook and the ideas just start coming.

    by Kelly Polark

    I think this quote encapsulates Kelly perfectly. :)

  17. Patience! I’m the kind of person who wants something yesterday. Waiting has always been hard for me, even with little things. As we all know, writing is all about waiting. Waiting to finish the draft. Waiting to edit the draft. Waiting to finish editing the draft. Waiting to hear back from all those query letters written in blood. I can’t tell you how difficult that is for someone like me.

    by Shannon O'Donnell

    This describes the whole journey to publication process whatever stage you're at.

  18. Oh! I’ve just discovered my trick: There are no short-cuts!
    by Paul Greci

    Sage advice for everyone.

  19. I was pretty convinced that a girl-eating DINOSAUR lived in the woods behind our house, and that I would be the unlucky person to discover that dinosaurs really weren't extinct.

    by Heather Kelly

    Sounds like a great story premise, no?

  20. I was pretty convinced that a girl-eating DINOSAUR lived in the woods behind our house, and that I would be the unlucky person to discover that dinosaurs really weren't extinct.

    by Heather Kelly

    Sounds like a great story premise, no?

  21. Laura!!! Have I ever told you how dreamy you are?! Awesome.

  22. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to EVERYONE first of all!

    Well - I have chosen a quote from one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE people (no, not TOLKEIN) - it's also very apt for this weekend. Erica Orloff is an incredibly kind and feisty gal - fab writer, amazing mother and ALWAYS replies to comments made on her blogs, despite her huge workload.

    When asked what magic power she would like to have if possible, her reply was:

    "I already have a magic skill. As a mother, I have eyes on the back of my head and uncanny listening skills, as well as a sixth sense when the house gets "too quiet."

    HELLO...? Any mother, parent, babysitter or watchdog who CAN"T relate to that???? Ha both mother AND TEACHER I get an extra set of those X-ray eyes!

    ....yes, the summertime in Greece with eyes at the front and back of my head, I cause great confusion on the beach...nobody is sure which is the front and which is the back of me...either my boobs need a forklift truck or my ass should go work for NASA....too many bumps in the wrong places cause confusion...ooer..!

    btw - needless to say which book I'd choose....

  23. I think I bring a new level of harsh to being self-critical and can’t seem to love anything I write enough to get truly behind it. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me when everyone else seems to love their manuscripts so much!

    ~ Casey McCormick

    I have to choose this one because I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY PERSON WHO FELT THIS WAY! I'm shouting a la Tina, but that is because I'm shouting in my head as I type. But back to the quote... Its interviews with other writers such as your Feature Friday posts that make me see that I'm not the only one out there who feels a particular way about my writing or lifestyle as a writer... and this particular quote by Casey struck me! Yay, I'm not alone!!

    Heather - you rock! Awesome giveaway!

  24. This is a quote from Casey McCormick. I love her blog. I can so relate to what she says because that's how I got into writing too.

    I come from The Harry Potter Wave, as I call it. You know, the masses that were compelled to write after experiencing the magic of HP (the sort of masses now coming from Twilight). I’d been writing off and on for years prior (mostly adult fantasy), but J.K. Rowling led me to discover children’s literature and a passion for writing it. It was like finding my forever home.

    Thanks for the contest.

  25. Awesome outcomes, guys! Heather, your contest is the most inspirational contest ever!

    Should we rekindle our 1-up war?

  26. Thanks so much for jumping into this contest, everyone! I hope it was as inspirational for you as it was for me!! And, J--I'd like to see you try! To 1-up me, that is. Oh, yes. The gauntlet was thrown!