Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Meeting

Welcome all, to the Monday Meeting.

Last week, I proclaimed that I was in a funk. I am happy to say after a few days of dedicated reading without writing, and following your other great suggestions, that I am over that funk. Yay to recharging batteries!

This week, my goals are to write each day. To UNPLUG for at least an hour. To find my MUSE, that tricky gal! To make forward motion. Each day. To have some FUN!

(for all you non-clickers out there, please click through to those three posts. You won't be disappointed!)

Some business. YAY!!

I loved revisiting some of the classic Friday Features on my blog last Friday. All the quotes were fantastic. And, it was great to have an excuse to read through all the interviews. Such wisdom in there! The WINNER of the Friday Feature giveaway, is...

Laura found some incredible quotes from Kelly, Shannon, Paul, and even quoted me!!! Laura--that's the kind of enthusiasm that I can get behind. And those were wonderful quotes. Laura, please email me about your prize! I have to say it was tough for me to choose a winner--I loved the nuggets that everyone found within the interviews. Thank you all for looking back with me! And, Ann Marie made me laugh hysterically with her story about the eyes in the back of her head!!

Okay, back to the Monday Meeting. I want to hear about your goals this week--what do you have on the burners (front or back???). What are you planning to accomplish this week, and how are you going to go about it? What schedules are you implementing? How do you find the time?


  1. Yay, Laura. Way to go!

    Great to hear you are out of your funk. Your goals sound fabulous. Since I have a new funk just starting, I will probably just copy you!

  2. Thank you Heather! Yay! I can't wait to read Before i fall. And honestly, I think I could have found a great quote from every single person!

    I would like to get some writing done on my wip. But my mind is too distracted with the conference coming this weekend. And my mind wants to wander down the path of new ideas, so I might take some time to brainstorm!

    Thanks again!

  3. Congrats to Laura!!

    And Heather, glad to hear you have some good energy flowing.

    My writing goal this week is to make progress each day on my new WIP. I'm not sure what that will look like. I've written 600 words so far--the start of the novel.

  4. I (still) want to finish my last few revisions and get ready to query.

    I want to start packing because I only have 3 weeks before we move (and I haven't even begun!)

    I want to mow the lawn

    Happy Monday, Kelly! :-)

  5. Tina--your revision is going to great for your WIP--we can scare that funk away!!

    Laura--your ability to find a quote from every single interview is exactly why you won the book! Woo-hoo!!

    Paul--I'm happy to feel refreshed about writing. I just have to sit down and apply it, which is where Tina and her practice room come in!! Progress is such a great goal, Paul!!

    Shannon--just call mowing the lawn exercise, and kill two birds with one stone. I had no idea you were moving! I hope you get a start on the packing, and a finish on the revisions!! Good luck!

  6. Hail to Laura! Slayer of funk!

    Blog is looking quite spiffy these days. I have blog envy. I do not, however, have blog ambition. Mine will remain visually uninspiring for the near future.

  7. Laurel--LOL! Laura rocks!

    And, thanks for the compliment about the blog--I'm still struggling with making the posts more colorful, but I do love the new direction. I was feeling claustrophobic within the last design. And, I enjoy your blog look. Clean lines, uncluttered.

  8. Ooh! Looks like I need to go read last Friday's post! I missed it for some reason...

    This week, I need to organize my office-type stuff. I don't have an office until we get back into our house, and my papers are a huge mess, as I'm sure you can imagine with three children and four jobs. LOL.

  9. The burners are full, but there's no time for cooking this week :(

    Hm...schedules. I think you know that they never work for me.

  10. Yay Laura! My goal is to finally get this darned grading done! And to do some more brainstorming on my new (old) idea. :-)

  11. I would totally love to finish my WIP. I'm at 56,000 words so it's within reach. But I have a full schedule this week. On top of working full time, I have something four evenings. My goal is to finish my WIP so that I can spend some time with my husband golfing and goofing off. He is incredibly supportive, but doesn't see me a whole lot. Life is so crazy! Good luck to everyone. I hope you're able to accomplish your goals.

  12. Taking time off just to read is part of a writer's job! Anyway, this week I need to prepare for my daughter's wedding, clean house, food for guests etc.

  13. Heather,
    My goal is to kick writer's block square in the face, and finally get some pages revised!

    I've done so much research lately on "how to write" that I've let it paralyze me since I'm checking that every word I use follows all the rules, complies with my goals for the character, and is perfect in every way.

    As a result my progress is sloooooooowwwwww, and my goal is to get going again.

    Christi Corbett

  14. Those funks are brutal; glad you kicked the butt of yours.

    Today = exercise and write. Yes, exercise. I'm a little nervous after having spent all winter with my butt in this chair . . .

  15. HEY Heather - I REALLY have 2 sets of eyes...!
    My goals are to spend MORE time with my kids and hubby this week. I was sick at the weekend and only saw my bedroom walls. My kids have a judo championship tomorrow, so will be there until after midnight swearing in JAPANESE to offer encouragement....

    I'll reduce a lot the laptop and me time as I have ignored my family the last 7 days...and feel incredibly guilty.

    Thank heavens my teaching hours will be reduced from Monday, so hope to get back to my 2 wip...I'm going to ignore them till then.
    btw - will email you tonight

  16. I just sent in my revisions. My goal is not to have a heart attack while waiting for the agent's reply.

    I heart your blog!

  17. Thanks for stopping by Crossing Chalk. Good luck, Anita!

  18. Hi Larissa! I love the organizational days. It's good to find out what's at the bottom of the paper pile!

    Jon--Too bad it's such a long week work-wise. Maybe you'll find some time to think about the writing.

    Anna--Good luck with the papers. Just think, afterward, you can jump back into the writing with both feet!

    Buffy--Good luck! I hope that you finish your manuscript and have some fun!

    Karen--Congrats! I wish your daughter a wonderful day and start to her marriage!!

    Christi--I can relate! I find I have to let go of all those doubts in order to get any revising done. And they are quick to show their ugly heads if I let them.

    Lori--That's a great goal! I find it hard to do both--exercise and write.

    Ann Marie--Time with family is wonderful. Go after that goal!!

    Anita--Congrats and good luck!! So wonderful. I'm crossing my fingers that the agent is interested! (and thanks! :))

    Hey Tracy! I'm enjoying Chalk Talk!!

  19. I think I'm due for an unplugging. Although I don't really schedule mine. They sort of just happen.But a planned unplugging would likely be more productive.

    Congrats to Laura!

  20. Dena--??!!

    Carolina--I hope you join us some time in Tina's practice room. It's fun to do some writing, and then come back to chat about it.