Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Meeting

This week got off to a rocky start, so rocky, in fact, that I didn't check in yesterday to see what everyone had planned for the week. It's never too late to have a Monday Meeting, so here goes:

This week I am planning on finishing my NaNo novel. I wrote a good chunk yesterday, but started floundering. I had some plot decisions to make. So this morning, I took some time out to work out the end of the book. I decided to add another character, which would make the climax bigger. I'm at 41,000 and excited to add the character, and then finish the rough draft. So, aside from celebrating Thanksgiving, I'll finish the novel. And put it away for awhile and into the revision queue.

And Thanksgiving this year? We're ordering the sides pre-cooked from a local market. There has been way too much stuff going on in the family to make a big production out of it. Good food and family. And no stress. Good times.

What are you doing with your writing, with your family, with Thanksgiving?


  1. I finally dove in and started writing one of my WIPs from a different POV. Changed from third person to first person. Basically, I'm rewriting the book. It was my first attempt at a novel. I think the premise is solid. I love the story. Now, I just need to execute it in a way that shines. (Yeah, that's the hardest part). But, I'm having fun, it's challenging in a good way, and so far I'm seeing some potential. It's turning into much more of a character driven story, which is what I want.

  2. Paul--I like rewriting completely. I wrote my MG book from start to finish as a novella and then rewrote the whole thing to the proper length. I like to get to the end at first.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the rewrite and that it is engaging you. I love what first person can do with voice. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Stephanie! I'm finding Thanksgiving prep to be tough on my ability to get writing stuff done. Hopefully I'll sew this novel up soon.