Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hodge Podge

Since this is a post about random, unconnected things, it seemed reasonable to include this picture. It's a photo of my oldest child, playing his Euphonium. For unknown reasons, this is what he chose to play in band this year. Unlike the 12 boys who chose the drums, he gets a private lesson. He's the only one in the school who chose this heavy and unwieldy instrument (which I lug to school twice a week). This particular son could multiply before he hit kindergarten, and taught himself to read--all as I watched, fascinated. Although, I think it's safe to say that I watch each of my kids with fascination. Now, on to the hodge podge:

Frequent Visitors (because aren't you all reptiles from another world masquerading as peaceful friends?) may wonder why I haven't followed up with my Buy-A-Book Club recently. Well, it's because I have sheepishly over-bought in October. I think my tally topped 20 books. Once I get over my shame over being thoroughly unable to stick to a budget, I'll tell you about some of them.

Yesterday I clicked over from Northwriter's fantastically visual blog to this beautiful blog, written by Natasha Fondren while she travels across the United States. How cool is that? And, her post 'It's Not Normal' is not to be missed. I mean it. Go check it out. NOW!

I also followed a click through Editorial Ass' blog to author Aprilynne Pike's post about not just breaking into publication, but breaking in with the right first novel. Food for thought.

And today on Agent Rachelle Gardner's blog is a guest post by Henriette Power. Anyone who is a writer and rower is cool in my book.

And for anyone wondering, if I seem less lucid today, it is because the flu has completely taken over my house. Superman has been lying on the couch for 5 days now. This elicits much sadness from everyone who knows him. I think he has spent more time lying still in the past few days than he has (while awake) in his entire lifetime. It's weird to see his body at rest.

Now my Cowgirl has succumbed, and says things like "I want a cold blanket, mommy," followed seconds later with "I want a WARM blanket MOMMY!" and "That Gatorade made me sick," followed by, "I'm NOT SICK!"

So, back to the reason for my questionable lucidity--when my kids are sick, I gather them into bed with me at night. Nighttime is scary. It's when fevers spike and I feel compelled to check every few moments to make sure my sick kids are still breathing. But last night, Superman decided to sleep in his brother's room, then halfway through the night moved to the living room couch. So I was up all night wandering between him and Cowgirl. I haven't slept well in days.

And while Cowgirl is sick, I don't have the comic relief of watching her dance to this video.

But maybe lack of lucidity is exactly what I need to plunge forward into my NaNo novel. Today my MC is arriving at her Dream World.

What about your lucidity? Are there occasions that you can't write because your mind isn't in the right place? What state of mind helps you get words onto the page?


  1. When I'm feeling energetic but focused is when I do my best writing. My mind feels open to possibility. For me, this lucid state often coincides with feeling physically comfortable. By that I mean my muscles are stretched like I'm ready to go for a run. That's kind of an ideal state--something to strive for.

    Often I'm in a less than ideal state of mind but just keep writing. And yes, sometimes I can't write if I've got somthing pressing on my mind.

  2. Paul--that's interesting. Do you stretch out before you write?

    When I need an idea for a scene, I actually go on a run, and bring an index card and a pen. It's amazing--a full 100% of the time I solve the scene's problem. I need to get out for more runs. ;-)

    I think that is so important--to keep writing in that less than ideal state of mind. Good points.

  3. I've solved some scene problems while running, and walking, too. You've reminded me to bring something to write with when I'm running. Thanks!

    And to answer your question about stretching. I have intentions of stretching shortly after getting up in the morning. Lately, more often than not, I write for a while and then stretch if I don't forget. When I was teaching I got into the habit of stretching before riding my bike to school, but since I've been writing full-time I haven't been as consistent.

  4. Paul--I'm going to try stretching. I don't do enough of it before runs, let alone before writing.

  5. Aw, thank you, Heather! I'm sorry it took me so long to reply, we've been going from Ohio to Arizona for six days, and I was beat!

    Euphonium? That's awesome! He's an individual already!

    I have to force my state of mind, sometimes. First thing in the morning, if I'm awake, is best, but this past week I've been so tired. In an emergency like this, I get out the coffee. I desperately need to focus!

  6. Natasha--that post was just beautiful. And, I agree, no matter what my frame of mind, if I sit at the computer, (and don't open up the internet) I can usually get some writing done. Coffee is excellent.

  7. I cannot write when I'm tired, which is unfortunate considering I have two boys under the age of six. The internet distracts me as well. But we persevere, don't we? We find time somewhere. I hope your little ones are feeling better.

    PS, I found my way over from moonrat's. :)

  8. Anissa--it's true we do persevere. I am beginning to think that perseverance is just as (if not more) important as talent and skill.

    Thanks for the good wishes for my guys--one is almost completely over the flu--but my youngest started up with another round. It's vicious. And, I have to figure out how to put some weight back on my kids after a week of illness.

    Welcome to the blog!