Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Meeting

Phew. Thanksgiving is over. It was a big blur--the days are racing past. Before I know it, more holidays will be upon us.

But before they are, we have this week to write. So, here are my goals:

1. Finish my Nano novel. I hit 50,000 after a sketchy Thanksgiving week, but am still maybe 10,000 words off finishing.

2. Write myself an editorial letter to get me back into revising my MG. This is a good week to organize what the revision is going to look like. December is looking like a PriNoRevisMo for me (private novel revision month).

3. Shelf the Nano YA (when complete) until MG novel is revised.

Plus--I have a big treat for you all at the end of the week. Friday's Feature: Journeys Toward Publication and Beyond will spotlight the funny and down-to-earth Paul Murphy. Come stop by, post a question, meet Paul.

So, tell me. What goals are you gearing toward this week?


  1. I'm about 25,000 words into a rewrite. Just focusing on that. A couple chapters a day. It's basically turning into a new book, big switch from 3rd person to 1st! Good luck with your NaNo project!

  2. I want to finish revising my suspense novel and get into drafting my new WIP.

    Good luck with your projects! :)

  3. Paul--It sounds as though you are breathing new life into your WIP. And a couple of chapters a day seems to be a nice, do-able process. Happy writing!

  4. Larissa--hello! Finish revising has a nice ring to it. You'll have to come back and tell me how it is on the other side!

  5. Paul--I promise, we'll play nice :)