Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Meeting

Monday again. My goals include the following:

1. Get close to finishing my YA NaNo novel. I am right on target with my word count. I can taste where the novel is going right now, and I am excited to bring it home.

2. I am also thrilled about making some changes with my MG WIR (that's Work In Revision). I'm hoping to advance that work as well this week.

3. And, although this is out of my control, I am hoping to exorcise the illness that has invaded the house.

*And, look for a special treat on Friday--an interview with the awesome Bryan Bliss. I'm thrilled, and you should be too!

Let's get the ball rolling and have a great week. What are you working on? What are your goals?


  1. Heather, I hope you're successful in exorcising the illness that has invaded your house. And being on the homestretch with your YA novel--that's exciting!

    My goal for the week is to stay focused on the rewrite I am doing, examining scenes to see if they are necessary,building up secondary characters, and making the antagonist a little more likeable. All this equals lots of rewriting, which I am excited to do.

  2. My goal is to get to at least the start of my NaNo project's climax. The sooner the better for me because I want at least a weeks worth of downtime before I need to go do a refocus on my YA WIR (thanks for the new term BTW).

  3. Paul, I'm glad you're reved up to do your rewriting--that means you must have a clear picture in your head of what you want the novel to become. That's wonderful.

  4. Alicia--good goal. Congrats on getting over the 50,000 word finish line! Good luck on getting to the climax (that last sentence looks a bit dirtier than it sounded in my head).

  5. You've been busy. Can't wait to read the interview with Bryan. I find that guy entertaining.

  6. Heather - I know it sounded that way. I think that whenever I end a sentence with that, but I knew what you meant. :)