Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Meeting

Hello all. This week I am hoping to rock out more words for my NaNo Novel. In that vein--here is the first song on my NaNo novel's soundtrack. This song, aside from some of the words, has more meaning for me than my MC (normally the songs on my soundtrack relate to the emotional journey of my characters). It's for me to feel like I can be a bad ass. (Whatever gets the words to page, right?) I finished the week ahead on my word count, but took yesterday off, to throw a fourth birthday party for Cowgirl.
So, this week, I plan on getting my momentum back, getting to the halfway point on my YA novel, and adding to my main character's arc in my MG novel. I am also going to go easy on myself this week, as the flu ramped up its clutches on my daughter. This is her second illness in less than a week--I'm wondering if she actually still had the flu on her symptomless days.

I am also launching a new feature this week on this blog. I would like to invite you all to stop by Friday for an interview and Q/A session with fantastic author Erica Orloff. It'll be tons of fun. The Friday interviews will feature writers all along the journey towards publication and beyond. I hope you stop by!

And a poem to further inspire (me):

What would I discover about the cotton woods if when I walked to the mailbox,
I listened to them instead of looked at them?
What would I find out about the rain if I didn’t run inside?
And is it possible that a sunrise would refresh me more than sleep?
It’s this simple:
If I never try anything, I never learn anything.
If I never take a risk, I stay where I am.
Today a friend wrote me, “Do you think you are a mistake,
just because you made one?"

There is no such thing as a mistake, there is only what happens.

--Hugh Kratz

Thanks, JD for reading that poem onto a mix tape for me so many years ago (mix tape--am I dating myself, or what?)

So, what are the goals you have set for yourself this week? What inspirations are you using to stay on track?


  1. Great poem! Every line packed with openess and exploration.

    Goals for me: Keep the intensity level up of the rewrite I'm doing. This week, I hope, will be more about depth than distance.

    Inspirations: My story is tied to a real person, deceased now. And although the story I am writing is purely fiction I am inspired by trying to have my story ring true emotionally regarding that real person and the unfortunate situation he was in.

  2. Paul-- My revisions always are more about depth than distance--although I've never put it that poetically. You have a way with words.

    About your inspiration--that puts a bit of weight on your shoulders--in a good way. Agent Rachelle Gardner (link on the right under Agent blogs) blogged today about some of the pitfalls about characters based on true people. It might be worth it to check out.

  3. That's a great song! I can see how it would get you in a ass-kicking mindframe. I'm just starting to dip into music during writing. Usually I'm the one looking for silence. :)

  4. Anissa--I do a soundtrack for each novel I write. It helps me get in the novel quickly, and helps block out distractions. Most of the songs are ones that I know well, so they become a kind of white noise.

    But, silence would be awesome.

  5. humm- you're making me think again, I am such a visual person,as an artist- can't say music inspires me, but than again...voice does, dialogue does- I think of characters I have seen in movies- how they sound, how they hold their head- a little bit of this one,a little bit of that one,putting the things I like into my MC and then shaping a story around them- I'll listen to a movie over and over again, till everything else kinds of disappears other than the dialogue and the pacing- not that I copy them- a Sci Fi movie can inspire my novel, which is a western historical fiction-but human emotion is human emotion.
    I agree with you on listening to familiar things to become like white noise- I tell my family I put the movie on my other monitor so the other voices in my head will have something to do.

  6. Unfortunately, my goal is to get a good START on my NaNo novel. Everything has been conspiring against me getting to it!

    So, as far as inspiration, I'd be really inspired by time right about now. LOL.

    I usually can't listen to music while I'm writing, but I am thinking of trying it (if I ever get some TIME). :)

  7. Love that poem, Heather! LOL... mixed tapes! Haven't thought of those for awhile!

    Aww, I'm sorry about Cowgirl. I hope she feels better soon. I've seen the flu linger for a couple weeks, at least in the "worn out" part.

  8. Julia--I love how every writer has her own inspiration and process.

    LOL! I love the bit about the voices in your head.

  9. Larissa--I'll be sending great NaNo thoughts your way. I started with a bang, but the last few days I've been coming well under the daily word count goal.

    The good thing is you can always catch up!

  10. Natasha--Thanks for the well wishes for Cowgirl. Today her fever broke--but I have no idea if that means that she is actually better, or if the flu is hiding within...

    And the "worn out" thing--oh my--I never know when to send my kids back to school. It seems like cruel and unusual punishment to have them go when they're tired.

  11. Happy belated B-Day to Cowgirl. I hope she feels much better soon. I have a picture of myself at 6 yrs old with my cowgirl outfit and pearl-handled six shooters.

    Feeling lots of things about my writing these past few days. Lots. Still trying to sift through it all and come out on top. I think I'm in a momentum shift stage. Should be interesting to see what's on the other side. Mostly I need to reconnect with my own sense of self, purpose, and passion. That and catching up on my NaNo stuff are my goals for this week.

  12. Sarah--I think it's cool that you sense a change coming. I love the feeling of change, even if it happens to be a storm.

    Good luck reconnecting!