Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Meeting

Wow, Monday again. And last week was a piddly one on my blog--only one blog post. Some weeks are like that. I got sucked into the Halloween tornado and rode it until Saturday, and then started NaNo on Sunday. So, my goal this week is simply to add word count to my new YA fantasy, and to continue to edit my MG fantasy. Just that. And I'm pretty sure that the H1N1 has invaded my household--two sick kids. But still, I press on.

My blog this morning is actually a sign post, which reads 'Go directly to Erica Orloff's blog' (Do not pass Go...) If you are like me, you have already been there--coffee isn't coffee anymore unless I'm hanging out at Erica's. Erica has a vibrant interview with Alex M Liuzzi, a very unique and interesting writer who has carved out his own way. Go now, check it out!

Oh, before you go...what goals do you have this week?


  1. My goal this week is to be energized and creative as heck. Nothing more specific than "accomplish a ton of stuff." Last week was a week of all rain, and I just fell into this SLUMP. So this week? I plan to kick some a**. Namely, my own. I have a long to-do list.

  2. Great interview with Alex. What fun. Great voice.
    I'll chime in with a goal: To experiment with rewriting a WIP, changing it from third person to first person.

  3. Erica--'Accomplish a ton of stuff', huh? Excellent goal. Sometimes a down week can be a great motivator.

  4. Paul--that sounds like a big experiment (and fun, too.) Good luck!

  5. Is it Monday again - already?!?! Geez.

    Have thrown my hat in the ring to do something NaNo-ish. My goal is 2 revision chapters per day and 1 new chapter per day. The new stuff is poetry and prose mixed together (i.e. low word count). And I'm hoping to have Garlic ready to submit by the end of the month. I'm so ready to be done with it. :-)

    Have to hop over to Erica's place. My visits have been spotty at best lately, but that's with everyone and not just a select few.

  6. Sarah--I think that it's smart to use NaNo for your own purposes. Having a deadline is definitely a motivation.

    Poetry and prose mixed? That intrigues me.

    Good luck with Garlic--that is a wonderful goal!

  7. HI! Here's my big bang theory post LOL. I so wish I could do Nano. I still work as a therapist. ;) Good luck if your doing it!

    RR Smythe

    be sure to follow the link and watch the youtube clip of sheldon...and his sarcasm sign lol

  8. RR--Thanks so much for the link to your blog post. Sensory diet is so important for the development of all children.

    And I loved the sarcasm sign!