Saturday, July 9, 2011

Under Construction and The TOUR DE WRITING

Please be patient as I re-format the blog and add some much needed organization here.

I am trying to find ways to continue to make connections between writers, and to organize those connections. I've lost track of a few blogs that I really wanted to follow, and don't want that to continue to happen.

So, I have two favors to ask:

1. If your blog falls into one of the new categories on the left blog roll, and you don't see it there, please let me know in the comments. I have so much in my brain right now, that I forget my own name (and blog name). I'm hoping that I can at least simplify my blogging life by putting you all in your proper places, and would love help with the endeavor. :)

2. Tell me--how do you organize your blogging life, and all the connections you've made? Do you use google reader to stay on track of blogs? Do you go through times when you can't keep up with it all? What methods do you use to simplify blogging?

On another note, once I finish organizing the blog this weekend,

the Second Annual TOUR DE WRITING starts Monday!! 

Fans of last July's hit game, the TOUR DE WRITING, fasten your seat belts! And a hearty Edited to Within an Inch welcome to all the new fans! The second annual TdW starts here Monday!! Oh, yes, there will be PRIZES. Who's going to win the sprint jersey? The yellow jersey? Do we have any previous winners trying to defend their title? Competitive writing's not just for NANO anymore!! Curious? Show up and check it out!


  1. SWEET CINNAMON! Is it that time again? Oh man. Well... I have one book that is just about done with a round of revisions and my NaNo '10 book that needs some loving before NaNo '11 bumps it to the back burner.... oooh, I hope I can get my life in order to play again this year! :) FUN!

  2. Last year was a bust. Can I make it to the middle or top this year??? We shall see!

  3. I ALWAYS go through times where I can't keep up with it all. :)

    Google Reader is a huge help with that. I organize things into categories so I can tell at a glance where I'm behind.

  4. I'm looking to you, Heather, and others who have been blogging for years so I can figure out how to keep up with it all. Maybe if I was a speed reader or learned to skim that would help, but not me. No, I have to take in every word, and if I get distracted (sometimes I think I have ADD), then I have to reread the sentence or paragraph. So I'm not a good person to ask for advice in keeping up. Best of luck reorganizing your blog.
    You've piqued my curiosity about the Tour de Writing. I need to check out your link!

  5. If you feel like it, you could add my blog, Literary Rambles, to your sidebar.

    I too struggle with keeping up with the blogging and always feel like there are other authors I should be following. I do use blogger dashboard to flip through blogs sometimes to check what I want to read. I don't always feel like I can stay on top of it, but have come to realize now that I'm blogging that I can't follow every post by every person. But I do try to read some everyday.

  6. Marisa--It's absolutely that time again. Can't wait for Monday! (I'm actually going to be out of town all week, so I'm going to have to work some behind the scenes magic to make it all work.) I hope you all love the TOUR as much as I do!!

    Jon--In the words of my niece (picture me jumping up and down and clapping my hands) "You can DO IT!" Any words on multiple projects count!

    Miriam--I haven't quite figured out the benefits of google reader yet. But it's my priority this summer. It's so good to know I'm not alone!

    Lynn--I totally should have a better system than I do. I normally use my blogroll, which is why I'm cleaning that up. I didn't link to last year's TOUR yet, but it was a really fun thing. I can't wait to get it started Monday.

    Natalie--Lit Rambles is a staple on my sidebar, it's over there on the right. I love your blog. "Read some everyday." I also love that advice. Thanks!

  7. Organize? Is that a word? Let me look that one up and get back to you - sometime. ;-)

  8. I think we'd be in Writers Helping writers. Of course, Monday's blog is about Chocolate Day....

  9. Yay! I was wondering when you were going to get this party started. I can't wait.

    As for organization. I use my blog roll and I learned that from you. But now not everybody is there, so sometimes I click through from comments. I have to admit lately it has been hard to keep up.

    I love your double layer of sidebar!

  10. Sarah--LOL. It's great to see you!! Whenever you comment, I always think of what fun it would be to meet you in person. :)

    Pen and Ink--Gotcha, you're added. Thanks!

    T--I can't wait to get the party started! And, I am not sure I like the double sidebar--it's not as clean as I was hoping. I'll keep fiddling. Or maybe just go with it... :)