Friday, July 15, 2011

Tour de Libraries, Tour de Writing

I'm sitting in the beautiful Narragansett RI library, watching my kids play bingo. Thank goodness for libraries! We'll make this short and sweet today.

Let me know how you've done in your writing week.

If you are competing in the Tour de Writing, for awesome PRIZES, let me know (in the comments) the following:

1. Your wordcount for the week.

2. Number of times in The Practice Room.

3. Number of times you challenged people to write on twitter, hashtag #TourdeWriting

4. Your category--whether you are drafting new words, revising, or doing both.

So, MY totals look like this:

1. 0
2. 0 x 500
3. 0 x 250
4. Both

My total? A big zero. Don't judge me, I've been on vacation. :)

What are your totals? Clearly, it’s not too late to sign up, even if you have a big fat donut, like me. J

I’ll tally the totals, and put everyone in jerseys for Monday’s post.

And, even if you aren’t competing, feel free to check in and let me know how are doing!


  1. 1. 4600
    2. 3 x 500 = 1500
    3. 0
    4. Drafting (multiple projects)


    I am off to a much better start than last year.

  2. You definitely aren't expected to produce any words while you're on vacation! At least, that's my view.

    I'm not competing, but I've finally been productive this week. I wrote a 3k word outline of a new project yesterday, and I've been revising the outline today based on the part on structure in SAVE THE CAT. I've never worked like this before, so it feels very strange and new. Hopefully it will work!

  3. I vehemently disagree with Anna. Vacations are the time you capture the feelings you do not feel while stuck at home. That easy-breezy free feeling. Not feeling guilty for eating out every night. So many feelings happen in the short time one is on vacation. At the very least, you should journal a few thoughts and capture those ideas.

    Who am I kidding?

  4. Here is my tally:
    1: idk - I spent a heck of a lot of time on chapter one and the beginning paragraph in particular. Maybe I can say I revised abut 2000 words.

    2: This I do know! 9 times (although it is hardly fair to give me those points because I do get to choose all the hours and etc. etc)

    3. 0

    4: Revising (for now)

    I'd also like you to know that I put a guestbook up at TPR. Try it out for me when you get a moment, pretty please. Give me feedback about it -- looks feel all that. I can do it differently if necessary.

    Enjoy the rest of vacay!

  5. this week I proudly created the #amavoidingwriting hashtag on Twitter!

    i guess, in Twitter hashtag language, that means I wrote one word this week.


  6. 1.1691
    4.this week new words; next week revising. So both.

  7. Here's my tally, not much has been done :P

    1. 186
    2. 0
    3. 0
    4. drafting new words


  8. Heather! I saw a tweet from you about this on Twitter this week, so give yourself 250!
    1. 0, did lots of poetry reading though.
    2. 0
    3. tweeted once 250
    4. I forgot what four was for. :)
    We had no power for days so that's my excuse.

  9. Last week was a good week.

    1, 2639
    2. 0
    3. 0
    4. New Words

    Not convinced I'll do it again, but I'll try. :)

  10. We need a week2 kickoff!

    The blog is looking put-together :)

  11. 1. 7,112

    2. 4

    3. 0

    4. Revising

    (and I'm exhausted! I think I was riding uphill all week. I hope the rest of this race is all downhill from here :D)