Friday, July 22, 2011

TdW Check-in and Standings

I should have known she was sick when she was curled up at the foot of the baby doll's bed, instead of mine.
I am sitting on the floor, trying to get my sick kitty to eat a tuna popsicle. (Thanks, Nandini, for the recipe!)

Anyway, if you have noticed that I haven't been around this week, that is mostly why. I rushed her to the vet with a 105 degree temp, and she hasn't been bouncing back as quickly as I had hoped. So, I'm planning on packing up both kittens to come with us on vacation this weekend.

So, you are probably wondering--who is out in front of the Tour de Writing? What are the other two prizes? (I unveiled two already, and you'll have to wait for the other two. Yes, there are FOUR winners of the Tour every year!)

So, here are the standings:


In first place, with a big lead out of the gate, the overall front runner is:

 Marisa Hopkins with a whopping 9,112 revision points!! Congrats Marisa--you look awesome in yellow. Fight hard to keep that yellow jersey on your back this week!


King of the Mountain this week, sporting the polka-dotted red jersey in the REVISION category is:
 Tina Laurel Lee with 6500 revision points. Congrats on being Queen of the Mountain this week! Watch out, Marisa, Tina is on your tail!
 LynNerd is coming in fast behind Tina and Marisa, with 1080 revising points. Woo-hoo!


Jonathon Arntson with 6,100 points is wearing the green, sprint, drafting jersey.

Coming up quickly behind Jon are:

 Kristine Asselin with 2639 drafting points
 Anita with 1400 drafting* points

 Fida I with 186 drafting points and
 Kelly with 0 drafting* points

*Anita and Kelly, I wasn't sure which category your guys were in, so I threw you into drafting. Let me know if you are drafting, revising, or both, and I'll change the standings.


Wearing the white, revision and drafting jersey is:
  Taffy with 1691 revising and drafting words

 me with 0 revising and drafting words--better look out, Taffy, I have you in my sights!


If I have made mistakes, please let me know. I had to adjust some scores, due to very strict Tour de Writing rules (LOL). For instance, as much as I love it when people tweet about the Tour, you only get points when you use twitter to organize a writing Party. Confusing, I know. Sigh. But you can compete as many times on twitter, and even if no one answers your call, if you wrote, you win the bonus points. :)

Things can change quickly in the Tour de Writing. And, even though I was delinquent in getting last week's standings posted, already, it is time to chime in with 2nd week standings. Gasp! Already!!

2nd Week Tally

Let me know your word count for the past week, in this fashion:

1. First week's points total (this is what your standing is up above, in this blog post, unless my math was bad.
2. This week's total word count.
3. Number of times in TPR
4. Number of times that you wrote, party style on twitter, inviting others to join you
5. Whether you are drafting, revising, or both

I know this is convoluted. :)

Mine looks like this:
1. 0
2. 1201
3. 3 x 500
4. 0
5. still both

If you are new to the Tour, it is not too late to join in! Email me at hegkelly at gmail dot com, if you are confused. A good week of writing could blast anyone to the front of the pack!


  1. Oh Heather, I hoe your kitty is back to feeling better in NO time. My heart hurts for her fever :( :( :(

    Good luck to everyone with the Tour de Writing

  2. 1. 1691
    2. 256
    3. 0 (still haven't figured out how to get in TPR. I tried once.)
    4. Once on Twitter
    5. Both

  3. So sorry your kitty is sick! I'm sending healthy cat vibes your way.

  4. Sara and Anna--Thanks for the well cat wishes. I've got my fingers crossed. It has been a long couple of days.

    Taffy--Woo-hoo! Way to go. With TPR, you have to sign up at chatroll to join the chats. It is relatively easy, but sometimes it takes a time or two to get the hang of it. Email me if you want a tutorial! I'd love to see you there!

  5. Hope your kitten gets better soon!!

    1. Zilch :)
    2. 115 (wrote poetry)
    3. 1 x 500
    4. drafting!

  6. Drafting works! Thanks!

    And I hope kitty is better soon. We've got one here with a torn paw and it's not fun.

  7. 1. 6100
    2. 5750 (this includes my paper)
    3. 3 x 250 = 750
    4. 0 (Easy points! ugh.)
    5. Drafting

    Is it Kip who is sick?

  8. 1. 6500 revision points

    2. I have 1,535 words in the new draft I started this week (these are freshly revised words in a whole new document, new order, newish narrator). I'm so SLOOOW.

    3. again, I went to all the TPR's (except Dianne's!) so 9 times

    4. 0

    Taffy - I would so love to see you in TPR - you can also email me if you are having trouble tina dot laurel at gmail dot com. Even right at TPR time I could help you if needed. There is a lot to absorb over there but I am happy to help if I can!

    Thanks, Heather, for your awesome incentive! And dedication to all these details. It takes a lot of resources to coordinate such an fun and complicated race!

    Thinking lots about your kitty. Take care.

    5. just revising :)

  9. Aw. Sorry to hear your kitty is sick. We always get the all meat baby food (small bottles, blue labels) and use that for meds and sick babies (of the furry variety).

    Hope she feels better soon!

  10. Poor kitty. Hope she's better.

    I'm bringing up the rear, but I'm still in the race.

    1. 2639
    2. 2010
    3. 0
    4. 2 x 250
    5. just drafting.

    Thanks to Jonathan for joining my challenge me today!

  11. My total for the week should be 2471. Whoo-hoo!

  12. I'm going to have to get in on this action... will it run into August?

  13. I have kitties too, so give the little one some extra snuggling from me, okay?

  14. I hope your poor kitten is doing better. Did the vet say what it is? I hope the other kitten stays well.

    I'm still not doing very well - yet.
    1,475 words drafting
    1,825 words revising

    That's it.

    Okay, now I understand the Twitter bonus points. Got it. What's the hashtag to use for it? Sorry, I'm really wiped out right now.

    Have a great weekend.

  15. Kelly-Thanks for the update!

    Anita--Torn paw sounds painful. I hope it heals soon!

    J--Great progress this week. I saw you doing a twitter challenge Friday--we'll add that to next week's totals (or you can it in this week.) Let me know. Nope, Jelly is sick. :(

  16. Tina--Awesome!

    Sarah--thanks so much for the tip. I know you have lots of experience in kitty matters. You'll be happy to know that she purrs now when I walk into the room, and she ate something yesterday!! YAY

    Kris--I had such fun watching your twitter challenge yesterday. I would have joined in if I could!! Nice! And, Woo-hoo! Your remarks on twitter make this all worth while!

  17. Ansha--The Tour ends August 12th, in time for WriteOnCon. Plenty of time to enter and count those words! And, I gave the kitten a hug from you today. :)

    Lynn--Those are awesome totals! The twitter hashtag is #TourdeWriting and if you use something like tweet deck, it's easy to create a column for it, so you see when someone does a competition!

    The vet found a mass in kitty's throat, but it's not cancerous or a foreign object, so we're guessing that it's an infection. She's on antibiotics. And getting a bit better every day. I'm just crossing my fingers that she continues to improve!

  18. Oh, no...poor kitty. :( I hope she gets better fast. (I'm going to be worried about her please tweet me when she gets better.) I'll send positive healthy kitty juju to her. *hugs*

    And, now I know why Jonathon was tweet the tour deforce and green jersey stuff. :)

    Have a happy vacation! :)

  19. I'm not sure if it's the TdW or the fact that we haven't been able to spend endless hours chatting on gmail, but I have been writing so much!

  20. Dear,

    No worry and I think Kitty is the happiest cat in the world.

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