Monday, July 25, 2011

Clumsy Kitten, Monday Meeting

Jelly looking healthy again.
In celebration of my sick kitty Jelly's return to health, I thought I might talk a little more about our other kitten, Pip (yes, another cat--I'm feeling that sufficient evidence of my cat-lady nature might be out of the bag...).

Pip is a cuddly kitten, always in my lap and by my side. However, she is also a freak of nature, in that she is a clumsy cat. Every time she walks on the side of our bed, she falls right off. Sometimes she gets stuck in between the bed and the bed frame, shoulders wedged tight, legs squirreling madly to gain some sort of hold in order to climb out.

She then sits at the top of the stairs, and meows, as if to say, "Please carry me, I can't handle the embarrassment today." I have seen her tumble down a couple of stairs after tripping over her paws. 
Pip getting much love.

It makes me think about quirky characters. Is Pip more lovable because she is clumsy? You bet. It's endearing, if odd. She seems more real since she is supposed to be graceful, and is everything but. 

How do you make your characters three dimensional? Do you have any characters who are oxymorons? Clumsy cat? Gentle lion? Whatever the human equivalent of these might be? How do you keep your characters believable?

While you think about my clumsy kitten, tell us--how are you doing in your writing life--what are your goals for the week? If you are doing the Tour, what are your wordcount goals? Are you trying to steal the jersey off of anyone? Who do you most want to take down in a wordcount challenge?

I am just hoping to write something while on vacation. I'd be happy with 100 words. :)   

For those who might be popping over for the first time, it’s never too late to join the Tour de Writing. We’ll be keeping track of wordcount until August 12th, right before WriteOnCon begins. Please feel free to say hello, get to know some of your competition (their blogs are listed in the left side blogroll) and introduce yourself in the comments.

Last week was a rip-roaring time! I can't wait to see what this week brings for the TdW. I'll get the standings up as soon as possible--I'm shooting for Wednesday or Friday. If you don't see me in the comments, it's because I'm hanging out with wild horses, here.  


  1. I love your tour de writing even though I'm never in apostion to participate. Over the summer, I have low writing goals. I have to or i'd get frustrated with my lack of writing time!

  2. I have 20 pgs due this week for my MFA. It's the first 20 pgs of EARTHLING HERO 2 and I'm trrryyyying to give the characters dimensions. I remembered at the last second that the aliens are royalty...that's kinda cool to write to.

    I heart your kitties!

  3. Awesome that you're trying to write while on vacation. This week I'll be attending to blog related writing before I go on vacation a week from Wednesday. Can't wait. Hope you're having fun.

  4. I love your kitties.

    The clumsy ones are very endearing. I have two cats who are much older now but in their prime they would do all kinds of wacky things. One would run straight into walls. Maybe after her own shadow. I don't know. The other one accidentally had her whiskers cut off during a shave. That was funny. She walked very close to walls on that side of her face until they grew back. haha. Love cats.

    I'm rooting for the people signed up for your TdW. Wahoo!

  5. I didn't get a chance to leave a comment the other day, but that picture of your cat, wow! That's the coolest looking cat I've ever seen! And now I'm going to your prior blog to find the hashtag to do a writing party. I'm ready to earn some bonus points and get lots of writing done. I'm way behind in the race!