Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tour de Writing PRIZES

Happy Birthday to ME!

What am I doing for my birthday? Giving PRIZES to you, Tour de Writers!

It is NEVER to late to join in.

So keep track of every single word you write, keep track of the word count in every section that you revise, and visit The Practice Room (for 500 extra points at a pop), or write with #TourdeWriting folks on twitter (for a bonus 250 points).

Read this post, and this post and then if you are still confused--I can just about guarantee it--well, DM me on twitter, or e-mail me at hegkelly at gmail dot com.

Tour de Writing Prizes:

You know you want to win-- and all you have to do is write or revise the most words by August 12th.

I will unveil the other two prizes next week. :)

Tanstaafl. I make you work for your prizes here.

Tell me in the comments, if you would like to sign up, so I can get your blog on my blogroll on the left hand side. Visit other Tour de Writers from said blogroll.

Make sure to stop by here on Friday to give me your word counts for this first week! We'll see who gets to wear a jersey come Monday!!


  1. Happy birthday, Heather! I hope you're having a blast celebrating on the road. Chocolate cake or another flavor?

    These are pretty cool prizes, and I want to win Possession. I'm dying to read it, but my chances a so darn slim, but it will be fun trying! I'll check back in on Friday. Have a good week.

  2. Happy birthday, Heather!!!

    You GIVE away prizes on your birthday? Wow. I'll be sure to check back come Christmas!
    (I'll be here a LOT more often than that. Love your blog!)

  3. Happy Birthday, Gertrude Stein of the YA blog world! (You're okay w/GS, right? She was the nexus of an amazing group of writers and we're still vibrating from the community she encouraged and that we're a part of.)

    I've started a complete tightening of ROMEO, ROMEO, so I think I'll join the Tour de Writing.

  4. Awesome prizes! And Happy, happy, happy birthday. I hope you are having a good one! Thanks for thinking of us on your birthday. That is definitely how you roll!

  5. Awesome prizes and Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday!

  7. There's no way I'll win a word count contest, but those are great prizes. I did write 508 words today...

  8. Happy happy happy birthday to you!!!

  9. Happy Birthday! I wish I could be with you to help you celebrate!

  10. J--:)

    Lynn-Cheesecake with a little chocolate. You never know what might happen in the Tour. :) You just might win!

    Bryce--thanks! I enjoy your blog too. I have to add it to a blogroll so I don't lose it! :)

    Robert--Thanks! And excellent. I'm glad you're competing. Maybe one year I'll add a query part to the competition. Because that is the part you should enter. :)

    Tina--Thanks. :) Can't wait to be back into TPR next week.



    Kris--You never know. :) You should enter and see!

    M--Thanks!! :)

    Anita--That would be awesome--to get together. I'll think about how we could get together. You know, if we put it out into the universe, it just might happen!

    Kelly H-Y--Thanks so much!

  11. Hi Heather,

    I'm checking in to report my measley word count for this week. It's only 1,080 for revisions. I've had some other projects going on, plus editing a friend's ms, but no excuses, right? Won't get much done today. I'm heading to my daughter's for the weekend. I hope you're having a great time on the road trip.