Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Monday Meeting, Tour de Writing

Phew. How is everyone doing?  This Monday Meeting came up really fast.  I am packing for a multi-location trip--lots of stops and fun next week.  We are going to Sesame Place, visiting family in Pennsylvania, and spending time on the Jersey shore.  It'll be great, but there is a lot of prep.  Plus we are in full swing summer activities.  Friday we went to the Science Museum, Monday--a petting zoo water park, today--the movies and beach.  Needless to say, I write when I can.

The Tour de Writing is going strong.  What fun to have a goal, and some motivation!  I am at 23,191 points, mostly for words--my schedule has made TPR tough to fit in (but 500 extra points, if you do, people!).  I'm not sure that I'm going to be finished by writeoncon--since I'm trying to revise excellently, and some days I just need to think a bit.

Plus, I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around the logistics of the computer--I want to see all the pieces of my manuscript, actually hold it in my hands, attack it with scissors, tape it into the right order, cross out words, and pencil in the changes. I don't know why at this stage I want to manipulate the manuscript in real life, but I wish the urge would go away. It's not making revising on the computer any easier.

But I am so thankful for all the amazing progress I am making, whether I hit my goal, or not.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it's been a long freakin' tunnel!

My favorite Mad-Bag of the day? This Vulcan Black Tote. I think it would make my packing a ton easier this week.  Which bag will you choose when you win that prize?

So, how is your Tour de Writing progress coming?  Are you trying to unseat a front writer?  Are you trying to hold onto your jersey? What's your grand total since we started, July 5th???  (Remember to tell me if you are drafting, revising, or a combination of both.) Have you canned any fruit?

And, for those of you not racing, what are your goals for the week?

Also--I apologize to those people who had trouble posting comments last week. I am keeping track of your progress, and will add it to the standings.  Thanks for emailing me.  Let's hope blogger plays nicely this week!   


  1. "...since I'm trying to revise excellently"

    well, i *cough*cough* have a suggestion as to where you might start... : )

    so, once again I'm going to need your New Math Skillz to help me to determine where i am. i've completed Draft Zero, which adds a total of 15,000 words from the time i started here. add to that editing approx. 600 words along the way, even before i started doing the line edits.

    if you held a TPR during the evening, i'd be more than happy to play along! (hint, hint)

    (btw, my line edits are all done on paper with red & blue pens. i need to see the words on paper to get the proper feel for them. besides, there's something... i dunno, just not right for me, personally, to not handwrite some of my stories. my pre-digital upbringing is showing, i suppose)


  2. I'm just trying to cope with the end of the Tour de France and my sense of loss and abandonment. I hate the week after the tour ends. I keep going to turn on the TV and yet there's no stage, no Phil and Paul, no Bob Roll.

    Have a great vacation. I myself am doing some laundry in preparation for the big family trip as well. Here's hoping you have lots of fun and no one gets a sunburn.


  3. Tom--LOL! Would a late night Wednesday TPR fit your schedule? Because I think we could do that! Plus, any line that you line edit counts--I think your word count is higher than you post here.

    Kristen--Oh, the withdrawal! I need Bob Roll all year round! I'm almost done with my vacation laundry--but none of it is put away. :) Good luck with your prep!!

  4. What?! There's a Sesame Place and I've never heard of it?! I'm off to Google...have a fun trip.

  5. You have so much energy, my dear! So many people benefit from it!

    I have started a new phase of my revision as of last Wednesday. The final third of my book. The emphasis is cutting words. I started at 30,694 words and right now I am down to 25,156 (I have cut 5,538 words). I feel so much lighter. I only have 6,718 more words to revise(more like surger if that is a word) so I am unlikely to cut my word count in half as I wanted buuuut... I'm feeling pretty good.

    Thanks so much for inspiring me!!!

  6. Hi Heather!

    I am so bummed that you're coming to Pennsylvania the same week I'm going to Florida! It would have been fun to get together. But I do share your "packing the family" woes this week, and I don't expect to get much writing done while I'm away. (But I AM bringing my laptop.)

    Last week I reached 42,900 words on my WIP! That means I added 7500 words last week! Plus I attended 3 TPR sessions.

    So, 7500 + (500x3) = 9000 pts.

  7. Oh Dianne reminded me, I didn't add up my points! I don't even know how to do that. And do I get credit for going to all the TPR? They do so line up perfectly with my schedule :) somehow.

    If so I attended 13 and 1/2 TPR sessions last week. 6,750 pts

  8. Hi Heather!! And everyone else!

    Okay, I ended last week with 16,283 points. This week, I didn't write much, since my energy was focused on my short story (which I wrote and revised, woo hoo!) which was only 1,482 words. But I did get 818 new words in my MS and I attented 8 TPR unplugs. So... that puts me at 6,300 points for last week and 22,583 total... but as we learned in the first week, math is not my strong point. I think that is right though.

    Hopefully I'll have a heck of a lot more words this week!

  9. "Would a late night Wednesday TPR fit your schedule? Because I think we could do that! Plus, any line that you line edit counts--I think your word count is higher than you post here."

    Late night (how late?) Wednesday would work.

    And with line edits you're giving a credit of +1 for every line edited? Is there an additional +1 for every new line created?

  10. I'm a late entry to the tour, so I'll just count my words since I last posted, so...7k on a new ms. 1k of that in the practice room.

    I have no idea how many points that is ;) I just want to get a first draft done by the end of August.

  11. All right. 21,612 new words since we started, plus 7 practice rooms since we started. Yippee!!! I just may finish this rough draft by the 10th.

  12. Yay a vacation! Good for you.

    We leave for Guerneville (70 miles north of san francisco about 600 miles from me) on Thursday 4am for the Ironman Triathlon.

    I am determined to continue with my progress but now I wake up tired in the morning. It's hard to write and plan trips.

    I started with 61,469 words, cut 19,054 giving me 42,415 revised, with approx (hard to keep track of new inserted words) 5,000 new words. I've participated in 2 TPR's.

    Still ahead, I am going through 75,000 to find 30,000 for my ending.

    Can't wait to hear about your trip. Have fun!

  13. Hope you have a blast!

    Have not canned any fruit but I have decimated a box or two of tissues. Have been sick last week and this week is insane with SCBWI Summer Conference coming up.

    Did not make my goal:
    3394 words edited
    449 new words written

    Determined to reach my goal this week.

  14. I'm getting ready for a family reunion in Chicago so I'm just trying to write when I can. I've gotten some done every day this week so far.

    Have fun on your trip.

  15. Oh, summer! It's NOT been good for writing lately. Tonight I hope I can get back to it. Have to catch up on all the laundry, housework, etc. I ignored last week. Have a great trip!

  16. It sounds like you have a fun trip planned!!!

    And the Tour de Writing sounds awesome. Love that name!!

    Happy writing!!

  17. I edited 7,123 words today and added 3,222 new words (while the kids ran through the sprinklers! Ah! Quietness in the house)

  18. I'll add the rest of the week and post on Monday, right?

  19. Okay, I have definitely been out of the loop for too long! It looks like I've missed out on some great fun. But then, I haven't touched my MS all summer, so... *sigh*

    Have a great trip, Heather! :-)

  20. Hmm. You make some good points. I would love to have my MS on 1000 post its and just be able to re-arrange it at will.

  21. Safe travels next week, Heather. Boy do I know about prepping travels this summer. I'm coming home tomorrow!

    Last week I attended one TPR plus wrote 900+ words!
    My goal this week is to write 500. I'm busy!

  22. I'm starting revisions next week. And I know I won't be ready for writeoncon - which in a way is kind of a relief. No stress. I want to be ready for next nescbwi or before.

    Enjoy summer while it's here, even though it's a crazy ride. I always wanted to visit Sesame Place! Take pix for me? :)

  23. Tour de Writing going strong. Possible bump in the road the next few days on an island where I fear I'll do more roadside snacking than making progress on the tour.

  24. I'm doing well, Heather, thanks for asking. You cool that way.

  25. wow, from reading all the comments, I'd say I should turn and slink back out of here. But I'll admit, I'm working on revisions I got back from my agent and I'm only on chapter 3. It's slow going because I've changed the location. Which is turning out to be a BIG change. But at least I'm working on it. Have fun on your vaca!