Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tour de Writing Standings!!

Things are so much fun right now at the Tour de Writing! Marisa (elegant snobbery) has led a group of writers into a fast pace into the sprints. Ann Marie made some campy progress while roughing it, and there is a strong middle group of riders, chugging along!! Great job on all the progress last week, everyone.

There is still plenty of room for anyone who wants to join in!
If this were the Tour de France, each of the first placers would step up to the podium and don their jersey. The person in possession of a jersey on August 10th (you know, writeoncon!! woo-hoo) will win one of three new release awesome book prizes--Mockingjay, Paranormalcy, or Livvie Owen Lived Here--so awesome!

Or, they can win the fourth prize, which I am unveiling RIGHT NOW!  Drumroll, please! The final prize is a bag from the best handbag company in the world--Mad-bags! Yes, you get to browse their site, pick out a fab bag, and take it home--woo-hoo! Seriously, they are sweet bags--check them out!
Coolest Bags Ever!
How cute is this sunflower bag?  Cute and practical--this geo fuchsia tote?  Oh, or this black and white peony tote?  How to pick a favorite??  Thanks to Doug and Marta for this awesome prize!  Which will you chose if you win??

And, here are the front writers in each category so far--will we see you here next week?:

Yellow Jersey--Overall front writer:


6,052 words + 8 TPR x 500= 10,052 points!

Yay, Marissa!! Way to pull out to an early lead!

Green Jersey--Sprinters--drafting new words:

1.  Dianne

8,800 words + 1 TPR x 500= 9,300 points!

2.  Jon
2,600 + 4 TPR x 500 = 4,600 points!

2.   Kate

3000 words + 2 TPR x 500 = 4000 points

Polka-Dot Jersey--King of the Mountain--revising.

1.  Me!

6377 words + 3 TPR x 500= 7877!

2.  Ann Marie:

I'm guessing 2500 points for the past week. (she said she did 5,000 in the past two weeks--at CAMP--major awesome for doing any writing at all!)

3.  salarsenッ

1,658 points

White Jersey **This category has been changed to reflect our need for a full category geared toward writers writing a mixture of drafting and revising.

1. Sarah

6971 points ** Sarah--It seemed like you had both new and revised words happening.  Let me know if you are solely revising, and I will move you to the polka dot jersey.

 2. Tom

2100 points

Congrats to Marisa, Dianne, Me and Sarah, for wearing jerseys this early in the race.  Hold onto those jerseys all the way to the end, and you'll win one of three awesome books, or the choose-your-own-incredible mad-bag!!!

There is still plenty of time for someone to unseat a race front writer!  Anything can happen!!

Also--did I forget anyone?  Let me know in the comments!!  Also, let's hear some noise out there--cheers, chatter, how's it going?


  1. You guys rock!! Heather, you've officially kicked my butt. Nice job.

  2. Sheri--Anything at all can happen, you know--keep revising! I bet I'll be unseated before too long!

  3. This was fun. I had it in my head that TPR's were wroth 1500, so now I know why you thought I sucked at math, which I do. Marisa must've thought TPR's were worth like 5000, ha. :P

    Maybe I can stay in this race.

  4. Also, nice work on the formatting. I am in awe.

  5. J-- I have to say, that even though I'm decent at math, the points system wasn't easy. Trust me to make something more convoluted and difficult than it needs to be. But fun! Such fun! Tahereh's math post made me laugh today.

    And, the formatting was what made this post take an extra day. But, in the end, it was relatively simple. Thanks, though!

    Maybe you should stay in the race. :) With four prizes, the field is wide open!!

  6. after five straight days of work and three straight days of looking at M$ Word's interpretation of my word count, I finally restarted my laptop. lo & behold, my official word count since saturday is over 11,000! i am completely psyched! the story was coming to a natural conclusion and will now end comfortably within the 20,000 - 25,000 word target range i was aiming for.

    draft zero should definitely befinished by the end of the weekend (unless i'm canning peaches. some things do take seasonal priority) and then it's off to line edits.

    so, how do i score line edits? do i count words added and words subtracted equally?

    oh, and i hope the rest of your birthday was as enjoyable as the start of it looked.


  7. Tom--Woo-hoo! Watch out Sarah--someone's coming for your jersey!!

    Line edits, huh? If you write a sentence that has 10 words in it, you get ten points for writing those words. Then if you edit it down to 8 words, or up to 12 words, then you get 8 or 12 revising points in addition to the 10 drafting points. So, I would just use whatever the word count is of the section you revised after the revision. Does that make sense? And if it is taking you a lot of time to figure out what the word count would be of specific sections,your best quess is perfectly fine!

    Woo-hoo for convoluted points systems!

  8. Hurray!!
    I'm afraid my standings won't be quite as good next week. I haven't written anything new in 2 days and I've got family staying with me over the weekend, but seeing my name up there in GREEN has motivated me to try and get something down on (electronic) paper today.

    Woo Hoo!

  9. Haha, Jon. I think I multiplied when I was supposed to be adding. :D

    I used to take my math tests home when I was in school - I'm slow, what can I say!

  10. Congrats to all you winners and more productive people than me.

  11. Convulted is about right.

    The 47 new words last week were for a class I'm planning on teaching at some point. So I guess that means I am doing both. Will have to think of a goal for the drafting as I also have manuscripts that could use some new words.

  12. And I've got that white jersey on in my picture which means, I suppose, that I better get a move on to hold onto it.

  13. Dianne--nothing like some competition to keep the words flowing!

    Marisa-- :)

    Natalie--it's never to late to join in! :)

    Sarah--I noticed the white shirt in the photo--I thought it was a sign!

    I'm on the edge of my seat--who's going to grab the white jersey next week? Will it remain on Sarah? Will she have to take a new blog photo in the shame of losing it? Who will hold it on August 10th and claim an awesome prize?

  14. Whenever I sit to write, I do a once-over edit of the previous chapter, then work on the current chapter... I feel strong, like the words... but my new word count is low...

    So I might be enjoying a chocolate croissant on the sidelines of le tour...

    Side bar: had "pain au chocolate" recently in Seattle. Thought it would be a chocolate croissant... no, but, WOW, it was a piece of toasted bread split open with a huge chunk of melted shaved dark chocolate that you spread on both sides or eat as a sandwich. SO excited to return...

  15. Robert--sorry that your writing style seems not conducive to the contest--why don't you keep track, just in case :)

    I had a delicious chocolate sandwich in Spain one time--I have never looked at lunch the same way again. Your unexpected treat sounds lovely!

  16. Sounds like fun. I'll have to post next week. My goal is to have a rough draft of my WIP by Aug 10th. I've got about 30k to go. Woo hoo.

  17. wow, great job everyone!
    Today, I finally did some work. Copy edits. Completed 6 chapters!! Yay!

  18. KrysteyBelle--Welcome! 30k is an awesome goal!

    Terry--woo-hoo! Welcome to the peloton! Good luck!