Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Meeting--Tour de Writing

I'm happy to say that I'm still revising strong, and making progress in the Tour de Writing.  There is still plenty of time to join in, and catch up--we'll be competitive writing until August 10th.

Check out the prizes, and bragging rights, everyone.

Here's the mad-bag that I'm salivating over this week.  The Tall Ebony and Cream Tote Bag.Which one would you choose if you win that prize? I wonder how many books I could fit in that tote?

And most importantly, how are you doing?  Have you earned any bonus points for writing in the Practice Room?  Here's my latest tally:

Total words revised to date: 14,351 plus my practice rooms to date (3 the first week (3x500), 2 the second (2x500))  So that's 14,351 + 2,500.  A total of 16,851 points in the category of revision.  So, can you beat me?  Can anyone take the polka-dot, King of the Mountain jersey from my back?

How are you doing?  What is your point total since Monday, July 5th?  Make sure to let me know if you have been drafting new words, revising, or a mixture of both.  How many Practice Room sessions have motivated you to write? Email me (hegkelly at if you're totally confounded.

Write ON!!


  1. Hi, Heather!

    I'm in the Green division. I can remember that because I saw my name in Green! (visual learner, here)

    New words drafted since last Monday: 4,600, which brings me to a grand total of 35,400 on this WIP. Still hoping to meet my goal of 50,000 by Write On Con!

    I also attended 2 Practice Room sessions last week. Woo hoo!

  2. Glad you are doing so well. I was lazy in celebration of my birthday and read a book in 2 days. It was fun and sometimes the rest is needed.

  3. It was a weekend of distractions and this morning is more of the same, but I'm hoping to finish my revision in the next few days. We can do it!

  4. Managed to meet my goal of 6000 edited words this week. Total of 12,991 words in the editing category.

    There's my 47 new words from the week before and I wrote an entry for the Clarity of Night contest. Wound up with 250 words exactly. Not sure how to count all the editing that went into that, so I'll just call it 250 new - 297 total.

    Overall total of 13,288 for the 2 weeks.

    Have about 16K words left to edit.

  5. Before I found this site on Friday last week, I was feeling a little uninspired.

    I'm happy to say that I've revised 11,812 words of my WIP since Friday. I was also able to sit down and think through the steps I've been wanting to take to revise the ending which will require bringing my book 2 into book 1 and making book three book 2. I've got a long road but know that the revised book 1 is the real goal. I feel confident.

    I'm on the west coast and have yet to get into the practice room but thoughts of it inspire me enough.

  6. I have written 12,257 new words since then. I try for 1200 a day because I want to finish my current WIP by the start of Writeoncon. =)I've got about 25k to go. And I guess you could say I'm a new writer. Not sure. This is my 2nd (decent) novel, and I'm not published yet.

  7. Okay, hopefully I won't be a moron this week, when it comes to totaling my points, but in case I am, I'll post all my numbers...

    Words written last week: 3,731

    TPR sessions I was present for last week - 5

    Last week's total - 6,231

    Previous total - 10,052

    So then this week's total should be something like - 16,283

    But I do not trust my math skillz, so if you want to double check, please do!

  8. Your practice room sessions are always during the daytime hours. My boss would frown at me for participating, unfortunately.

    My word count for the weekend was about 25. However, I do feel I should get some credit for the 12qts of tomato sauce and 9qts of peaches I canned yesterday!


  9. Wow, you are the revision queen! Glad you are making so much progress! I'm off to do a Practice Room writing hour now!
    (Love your new blog look!!)

  10. Dianne--Yay! You're trucking right along! Did you add the practice room bonus points in already? I want to make sure to get the right totals...

    Natalie--you are allowed to do whatever you want in your birthday week. It's the LAW. I bet you're coming back to writing refreshed!

    Anna--It sounds like you're nearing the end of revisions--awesome! Yes, we can do it!

    Sarah--I would add another 250 to that point total, since you wrote the new words, and then edited them. 'Cause that's the way I roll, baby!

    Patricia--YAY! I'm so glad that some part of my craziness inspired writing to happen. It really helps me to write competitively-- I don't know what that says about me... But congrats on all the progress!

    Krystey--Yay for great progress, and good goals. I did away with the whole novice category, since that was so subjective, and since we really needed a combined drafting/revising category for Sarah and Tom. :) I'm so excited you're here, and having fun!

    Marisa--on first glance, your numbers look impeccable. Nice work. And awesome job on the writing! Looks like you're chugging along!

    Tom--I know for a fact that there were two late night practice room sessions last week, since I hosted them myself. :) No excuses :) I'm trying to think of what kind of credit I can give for canned fruit. I'm sure I'll come up with something. Good to see you, and good luck with the writing this week!

    Kelly--thanks! And, I was sure I'd make the 5pm practice room, and then we spent more time than planned on at the beach. So, I'm all jealous right now. Maybe I'll head over for a good chat... See you there! Hope the hour went well.

  11. That makes sense Heather. So my combined total is: 13,538

  12. I have to write down my daily goals, otherwise I let time slip past me.

    Don't mind my daily comments, I'm just trying to keep up with my own regimen.

    Today, I want to get at least one chapter or 2,200 words revised.

    I also want to get into The Practice Room at some point, maybe the late night session (I'm west coast).

    Hope you're having a great, productive day!

  13. Heather,
    No, I didn't add in the bonus points. It's 500 for each session, right? Sweet!

  14. I just realized that the Tour de Writing is your contest! That is awesome!
    My goal for this week is to write 1000 words.

  15. I can't believe your energy! Your contest is getting some good buzz...people are going to have fun with this one.

  16. Way to go, Heather! I did 5750, but the bad news is that I put these at the beginning of my draft vs. the end, as in this new opening is better, but means I'll have to rewrite a lot of what happens later . . .

  17. I thought I had commented here. WA! Right after Marisa. But it never showed. I did that a couple times this week. Shows where my head is at. Or isn't at, I guess.

    The gist of it was, since I finally tallied over the weekend I have nothing new to count until next week. I am really a turtle when it comes to writing, but maybe slow and steady will pay off for me. Let me tell you, I am so fast in yoga.

  18. I'm on 3,526 new words + 9,200 edited words + 1 Practice Room.

    There's a Belgian cafe in town that has Le Tour de France playing on 2 TV's on the sidewalk at 5AM every morning. I think I should go & think about the Tour de Writing. (or, is it over, did I miss it?)

  19. Sarah--very cool.

    Patricia--rock on with the daily comments. I love them!

    Dianne--I'm pumping up your numbers by 1500--1 TPR the first week, and 2 the second, right?!

    Kelly--nice goal. And, yes, the Tour de Writing kind of happened fast and furiously. I'm not sure that I even realized it was my contest for a while. :)

    Anita--the lengths I go to to motivate myself to write, right?! I'm glad that people are having fun with this--I hope people know that it's never to late to join in!

    Lori--awesome! Are you revising or drafting new words? Or a mixture of both? I'll look back to see if I can tell from an earlier comment...

    Tina--LOL over the yoga comment. I'm just glad you're here. Thanks for joining in!!

    Robert--Sweet! Those are some good counts! We'll have to see how it all shakes out when I post standings. And, I love the Tour de France coverage.

  20. Yesterday was successful in The Practice Room. I revised 5,736 words by combining three chapters and cutting out 1,464 words. Of the 5,736, just over 1,000 words were new.

    Before I started my revisions, I considered dumping the whole project altogether and then out of nowhere a partial request and one sentence of feedback started a whole new wave of revision. Some days I still want to give up and start a whole new and less complicated idea.

    Thanks to this competition and The Practice Room I feel more hopeful and energized.