Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tour de Writing Standings, Week 2-- Woo-hoo!!

Move over NANO--competitive writing's not just for November any more! 

Here are the standings for this week's stage of Tour de Writing.  Remember, these are words counted on last Monday, so most of these writers have made much more progress since then. (It takes me a few days to figure it all out!!)  The writers seem to have found their stride, and are writing toward the finish line.

 If you are just joining our game, check out these posts to catch up.  And welcome.  It's not too late--we'll be writing until August 10th--writeoncon!

If these four front writers can hold onto their jerseys all the way through the 10th of August, they will win one of four awesome prizes--Paranormalcy, Mockingjay, Livvie Owen Lived Here, or their choice of a sweet bag from Mad-Bags!  Woo-hoo!

So, here are the second week standings:

Yellow Jersey--Overall front writer:


16,283 points!

Yay, Marissa!! Way to hold on to an early lead!

Green Jersey--Sprinters--drafting new words:

1.  Dianne

9,300 points from first week,+ 4,500 words this past week + 2 TPR x 500= 14,900 points!

2. Krystey 12,257 points

3. Lori 5,750 points ***Lori--I am assuming these were drafted words, and not revised, or a mixture.  Let me know, so I can stick you in the right category!

4.  Jon
4,600 points!

5.   Kate

4,000 points

Polka-Dot Jersey--King of the Mountain--revising.

1.  Me!

16,251 points!

2. Robert
3,526 new words + 9,200 edited words + 1 TPR x 500= 13,226 points.

2.   Patricia
11,812 points.

3.  Ann Marie:

2,500 points.

4.  salarsenッ

1,658 points

White Jersey --drafting and revising.

1. Sarah

13,538 points

 2. Tom

2125 points

Congrats to MarisaDianneMe and Sarah, for all holding your own so far!  Watch out, though, there are a few tough competitors breathing down your necks!

There is still plenty of time for someone to unseat a race front writer!  Anything can happen!!  Have I missed anyone?  Please email me if you are utterly confused! hegkelly (at)

Feel free to cheer on people in the comments, and stay tuned for a fantastic interview with one of our front writers tomorrow!!

Also--has anyone seen this competitor? I'm afraid she might be lost somewhere.  Let me know if you see her!


  1. Tina! Oh TIIIIIIINA!

    I tried calling. She didn't answer.

    YAY, I thought for sure I'd be de-jersified this week.

    Hmmmm... spell check says that de-jersified isn't a word. Maybe it shouldn't have the hyphen, what do you think?

  2. Wow! Everyone's doing awesome! Dianne, you're kicking it!! Heath, I didn't check in. Sorry. I forgot. Dang it. For the record, I blended three chapters and shed 3,999 words! Yay me!!

  3. Whoo-hoo, at least I'm on the map!

  4. Great job everyone!

    I turned in my outline to my editor last night for my nonfiction--and I wrote a paragraph (in snowflake method mode) about my new wip. Word count=maybe 500 new words?

    Progress? Yes.

  5. Yay!! Go, me!

    However, if Krystey continues to write 1200 words per day, she's going to whup my butt next week.

    I'll enjoy my jersey while I've got it!

  6. Go everyone! I'm cheering from the sideline!

  7. Here I am!! I am in the race--sort of...

    I swear I left a comment last Saturday announcing my progress for the week! But where has it gone?? This has perhaps been due to absent mindedness--so don't blame Blogger yet.

    So here is last weeks update: I finally finished revising a 6,000 word section of my manuscript. It was the darkest scene before the final third. I made it to 6 TPR sessions, for how many points is that?--500 each, 3000. So that is all I have to say for myself. We'll see if this week pans out to be any different. I really hope I am doing this right??? I'm a little confused.

    Finally, great work all you super writers, way to keep writing through these crazy distracting summer months!! WOOT! And thanks HK for keeping us motivated.

  8. Woo-hoo! Yes, these were drafted words. And I was feeling like such the failure . . . I so wanted to get more done. Now, I've got a little something to celebrate. Thank you.

  9. Great job everyone.

    I was able to huncker down and spend quality time on my revision at the end of the week. I turned 33,987 words into 19,675 of those approximately 3,000 words were new.

    I am happy to say I am now at the starting point of my original goal; to bring book 2 into book 1. My new goal is to go through 75,000 words of book 2 to find the 26,329 words that will become my new book 1 ending. I project between 5,000 and 10,000 new written words. I hope to achieve this goal before WriteOnCon.

    Hopefully I will have a good start before we leave town for my husband's first Ironman Triathlon. Whew! Tired already.