Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pushing Up Daffodils

Writing takes a long time. Revising takes a long time. The whole process takes a long time. And, what waits for us at the end of that rainbow of blood, sweat, and tears? Rejection. The road to publication is paved with rejection. And there are no guarantees that success (or publication) will ever follow.

Writing reminds me of that Japanese game show, Hai, Majide, but with less goo and chicken feathers. The title loosely translates as 'you've got to be crazy to do that'. Prince of All Agents, Nathan Bransford agrees, and marvels that we all stick with it. And he wants us to be happy along the way. He really is a prince, isn't he?

I find I have to push past the doubts and the feelings of being a little crazy, and just know that if I write deliberately then it will be worth it in the end. And, since it keeps me sane, then it is really worth it now, as well. (Ironic, that doing something a bit crazy keeps me sane...) I leave you now with a quote about having the courage to push forth.

A daffodil pushing up through the dark earth to the spring, knowing somehow deep in its roots that spring and light and sunshine will come, has more courage and more knowledge of the value of life than any human being I've ever met. Model yourself after the daffodil... have the courage to push your head up out of the darkness. (Madeleine L'Engle, CAMILLA)

Deep in my roots, I know that sunshine will be there when I push through.


  1. One of my favorite quotes is at the bottom of my blog.

    "Aim high. You may still miss the target but at least you won't shoot your foot off." Lois McMaster Bujold

    If you don't enjoy writing, you shouldn't be writing. It really is more about the journey than the goal. (But can we reach the goal, please?)

  2. Sarah-- that quote is going to have me laughing all day.

    And seriously, is 'The End' too grandiose of a goal? I want to get there too!

  3. Love this! I was unfamiliar with that quote. Thanks for sharing it. :-)

  4. L'Engle has hidden gems under the surface of most her works. I do like finding them.