Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looking For a Laugh

Maybe there was a full moon last night, I'm not sure, but my night consisted of the sleepover friend of my son needing to be walked home at midnight, and my daughter waking up repeatedly, crying and needing comfort most of the night. So, I'm looking for a laugh to start my day.

Also somewhat frustrated with some dialogue, so this seems appropriate.

And, who doesn't need a fix of Mike Birbiglia to start the day? Here's Sleepy Karl, and What I Should Have Said Was Nothing.

I think I'm going to sleepwalk through my day.


  1. Okay . . . now totally weird. But I love Mike B. LOL!!!!

  2. It's that kind of day. Weird and funny.

  3. My daughter still comes to get me every night and while I am so tired I know it won't last forever (Yikes, hope not:)

  4. Hi Marta! It's all finite, I know. But since she's three, I thought that these long nights were in the past.