Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am carrying around a rock. No, I didn't just start a load of laundry and find a rock in my son's pocket. No, I didn't just raid my son's treasure chest and nab one of his golden leprechaun rocks (bless those teachers for painting and hiding them on St. Patrick's day--there is absolutely nothing better to a five-year-old than GOLD).

I am working on a revision in my novel and a character gives my mc a rock. As a kind of good luck charm. So, I am carrying one around to get the details right. And to trigger my brain to think about the scene when I'm not writing. Because there is a lot of not writing going on. (Curse the week before school starts!)

Every day that I spend with my kids reminds me that in their world, it is all about the details. Sandwiches in the shape of snowman. Drinking water from a tiny tea cup. Wearing superman socks. These are things that make up the best days.

What do you do to get the details right? Anyone else carrying around a rock?


  1. I don't have any rocks, but I do have a little smushed koala my son gave me when he was in 6th grade and I carry it in my purse to this day (he's 18 now:)

  2. Marta--that is so sweet! It's so nice to have something tangible that reminds us of our loved ones.

  3. Especially as they grow and leave us... a little bit more each day...